Why Is Redline Oil So Expensive [Explained]

You already know how expensive the Red Line oil is. Though it’s pricey, it delivers superior engine performance & protection. And why not- you need to pay what you get. 

But you are not satisfied with this because quality only affects the price. There is much more beyond the quality that increases the oil price tag. 

And in this guide, we will provide the answer to this question: Why is Redline oil so expensive? So, stay in tune with us till the end. 

Why Is Redline Oil So Expensive?

Car oils are formulated differently to ensure maximum engine performance and protection. And Redline brings the oil quality to the next level by using a unique and advanced formulation- Synthetic Ester. 

It delivers superior lubricity, better oxidative stability, and a good viscosity grade. As a result, you will get the ultimate lubrication and unmatched engine performance from this enhanced car oil. 

Due to its quality, advanced oil formulation, and brand reputation, Redline oil is so expensive. We will break down how good this oil is in the next chapter. In return, you can learn whether its high price tag is worth it or not. 

Is Redline Oil Any Good?

The advanced formulation of Redline oil makes car owners rely on it. It’s a full synthetic ester-based oil. This formulation has a lot of benefits. It can eliminate the negative effects of PAO (Poly Alpha Olefins). This oil prevents the dirt & debris from sticking to the car engine. As a result, you will get optimum performance from your car. 

Due to its optimum lubricity, it delivers unmatched engine protection by reducing frictions & wear. On top of this, Redline oil has a high viscosity range, and it doesn’t break or evaporate quickly. In return, you can get better mileage and engine protection. 

Therefore, its detergent additives maximize engine cleanliness and increase oil change duration. Indeed, all the properties Redline oil uses offer superior car protection & engine performance. 

Is Redline Oil Better Than Mobil 1?

When it comes to Red Line Vs Mobil 1, we will prefer the Red Line most. Red Like oil has a better base stock than Mobil 1. It means this oil produces fewer deposits at higher engine temperatures. In other words, the efficiency of the oil will remain the same even in hot conditions. As a result, you will get better engine protection from Red Line oil if you live in extremely hot weather. 

is redline oil better than mobil 1

Therefore, Red Line will give extra horsepower than Mobil 1. On top of this, oils from Red Line provide better lubrication, cooling, and longer service intervals.

Is Red Line better than Amsoil?

Getting a car oil based on your car needs and the budget is challenging. And Redline oil meets your car requirement, but its price is high. 

is red line better than amsoil

On the other hand, its competitor Amsoil uses advanced formation and additives to ensure ultimate engine performance & protection. And the best part is- that Amsoil is less pricey than Redline. It means you will get higher engine protection & performance at half the price of Redline oil. 

Amsoil synthetic oil lasts longer than Redline. You can go over 25000 miles once you put it in the engine. On the other hand, the oil change interval of Redline oil is 18000 miles. 

Besides, Amsoil oil comes with a high total base number that ensures utmost protection against corrosive effects. 

Lastly, Amsoil oil generates less amount of deposits while Redline produces the highest. Indeed, Amsoil is far better than Redline both in performance and price. 

Is Red Line better than Royal Purple?

Redline oil is superior to Royal Purple in terms of performance and engine protection. Its synthetic easter formulation delivers optimum lubricity, high viscosity, and better oxidative stability than Royal Purple oil. 

is red line better than royal purple

However, it doesn’t mean Royal Purple oil is bad. Engine oils from Royal Purple are excellent for high mileage cars. Royal Purple oils deliver outstanding lubrication, performance, and protection in diesel and gasoline engines. 

When it comes to price, Royal Purple is comparatively cheaper than Redline. In this case, you can go for Royal Purple oil if you don’t have the budget to get Redline. 

But you know that quality matters the most. So, it will be better to spend a bit more money to purchase Redline to ensure superior engine performance & protection. 

How Much Does Redline Oil cost?

It depends on how many ounces of oil you will buy. For example, a gallon (128 ounces) of Red Line 5W30 Synthetic Oil will cost you $50.95. On the other hand, you need to count $144.72 if you purchase 1 Quart, Pack of 12. 


Is Redline Synthetic Oil Good? 

Yes, Redline synthetic oil is good. It uses advanced ester formulation and additives to ensure the ultimate lubrication, protection, and performance of your car. 

Is Red Line a good oil brand?

Yes, Red Line is a good oil brand. Thousands of car owners around the world rely on the Red Line oils to ensure the protection of their vehicles. This oil brand uses advanced ester formulation, detergents, and additives to make its oils superior to other engine oils. 

How long does Red Line Oil last?

It actually depends on your driving style. If you drive your car on the highway, you can go over 15000-18000 miles per oil change. However, we recommend you do your oil change at 7500 miles. 


We hope you now understand why Redline oil is so expensive. Its brand value, advanced formulation, and quality make this oil pricey. 

However, if you are on a budget and enjoy the benefits of Redline Oil at half the price, we recommend you go for the Amsoil engine oil. 

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