Why Is Porsche Oil Change So Expensive [Explained]

Have you ever thought why is porsche oil change so expensive than oil change on regular vehicles? Well, Porsche is an expensive brand which makes it expensive too when it comes to maintenance or oil change. Therefore, oil type, expertise, where you change the oil, and labor cost will also trigger the oil change bills. 

For example, synthetic oil requires extra bucks than convention engine oils. So, you need to spend more money on the Porsche oil change. However, you may cut down the cost to half if you change the oil by yourself.

In today’s guide, we will break down why it’s so expensive to change the oil and how much an oil change costs on a Porsche. So, let’s get started right here. 

Why Is Porsche Oil Change So Expensive?

Porsche is an expensive car and the maintenance (like oil change) it requires is also expensive. Besides, it takes longer to change the oil, the filter and requires regular check-ups. All of these will add extra money which triggers the cost of an oil change.

Above this, Porsche needs pure or full synthetic oil to let its engine run smoothly. And you know that the price of synthetic oil is higher than conventional oil. Because of this, you need to count extra bucks to replace the oil. 

Below, we will depict some scenarios or describe some factors that impact the expense of oil change. 

1. Fuel Type

Porsche cars use high-performance engines. And you know high-performance engines require synthetic oil to keep their peak performance. But the heck is- the price of synthetic oil is higher than the traditional engine oil. 

2. Expertise

Changing the oil on a Porsche requires special skills. Every dealership has specialized mechanics who have expertise on Porsche vehicles. It means an expert will change the oil of your Porsche which gives you peace of mind. And of course, it will add extra cost to the list as you receive premium service. 

3. Where You Change The Oil

How much money you need to spend on oil change will depend on where you bring your car to replace the oil. If you go to the Porsche dealership for the oil change, it will cost you an extra $100-$150 or more than an independent mechanic demands. 

4. Labor Cost

The labor cost for changing the oil on your Porsche will vary depending on whether you go to the Porsche dealership or an independent mechanic. Generally, a dealership charges $170 to $220 per hour. On the other hand, an independent mechanic will charge $120 to $150 per hour due to their specialized skills on Porsche vehicles. 

5. Taxes & Fees

There is a saying- Death and Taxes, the two things that are certain in life. You can expect 10-15% on top of the parts & labor. Some states even charge taxes on sales. That’s why dealerships or independent mechanics charge too much price on oil change. 

How Much Does Porsche Oil Change Cost?

The oil change cost for Porsche will depend on where you do the oil change: at a Porsche dealership, at an independent mechanic, or at home. You should spend around $300-$400 if you bring your car to a Porsche dealership.

On the other hand, it costs you between $200-$250 if you do the oil change at an independent mechanic. Lastly, get ready to spend around $58-$82 on parts if you do the DIY oil change. Here are the list of the parts you need in every oil change: 

  • Synthetic oil (6-10 quarts): $36-$60 (per quarts)
  • Filter & sealing ring: $20
  • Drain plug seals: $2


Why is Porsche maintenance so expensive?

Porsche is a premium brand and the OEM parts of this brand are expensive. That’s why it requires extra money to maintain your Porsche

How often does a Porsche need an oil change?

The manual of Porsche recommends you to change the oil every 10000 miles. Indeed, you need to replace the engine oil every year. 

Can I take my Porsche to Jiffy Lube?

Most customers are not satisfied with the service of Jiffy Lube though they offer their service at a competitive price. So, you shouldn’t take your Porsche to Jiffy Lube. Instead, we recommend you get your car to the Porsche dealership for maintenance. 

Can I get my Porsche oil change anywhere?

No, you can’t get your Porsche oil changed anywhere. It requires special tools to change the oil. But your local garage will not carry all the tools it requires. So, it’s better to bring your car to the Porsche dealership. 

Can you do your own maintenance on a Porsche?

Yes, you can do your own maintenance on a Porsche if you have the tools and skills it requires. 


In a quick recap, Porsche is a premium brand and it requires synthetic oil to operate its engine smoothly. That’s why you need to spend too much money to change the oil on a Porsche.

Generally, get ready to spend $300-$400 if you bring your car to a Porsche dealership for the oil change. On the other hand, you need to count $200-$250 to change the oil from an independent mechanic. 

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