How To Reset Anti Theft System Chevy Silverado [Done]

You got a problem with your Chevy Silverado. It’s in security mode. When you turn the key on, the anti-theft light starts flashing. 

The only way you can fix this issue is to reset the anti-theft system. And this guide will help you to know how to reset anti theft system Chevy Silverado. So, keep reading and scrolling. 

How To Reset Anti Theft System Chevy Silverado

Follow the below step-by-step process to reset the anti-theft system on Chevy Silverado: 

  • Put the ignition key into the keyhole. 
put the ignition key into the keyhole
  • Leave the car with the ignition turned on for ten minutes. After that period, the security light will go off automatically. 
leave the car with the ignition turned on for ten minutes
  • Once the security light stops flashing, set the ignition key to the off position. 
set the ignition key to the off position

Now, turn the ignition key to the On position and it will start the car, which indicates you reset the anti-theft system successfully. 

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What Triggers Anti-Theft In A Car

The anti-theft system in a car helps to prevent unauthorized access to your car. The following things trigger the anti-theft system:

  • The anti-theft or theft-deterrent system will activate if you try to open the door, the trunk, or even the hood without the key. 
trying to open the door
  • Turning the ignition switch to the On position without using the programmed key will also trigger the anti-theft system. 

Can Anti-Theft Stop Car From Starting

Yes, an anti-theft system can stop the car from starting if the theft-deterrent system is at fault or it starts malfunctioning. Regarding this, you should shut the system off. The following steps help to deactivate the anti-theft system: 

anti-theft stop car from starting
  • Use the driver’s side door and insert the physical key into its lock system.
  • Turn the key to the unlock position without releasing it. Hold the key in this position for 30 seconds. It will tell your car that you are using the right key. 
  • Now, release the key from the door and start the engine. We hope it will turn the engine on by deactivating the anti-theft system. 

What Does It Mean When The Anti-Theft Light Is Blinking

Blinking the anti-theft light means the anti-theft system or program gets activated. This program will engage when someone tries to start your car unauthorizedly without using the programmed key.

anti-theft light blinking

Opening the car hood or a locked door without a key will also trigger the anti-theft system. To stop the flashing anti-theft light, you should reset the anti-theft system. 

How Do I Reset My Car Alarm After Changing The Battery

Generally, you don’t need to do anything to reset the car alarm after changing the battery. Your car will automatically do it for you. 

reset the car alarm

However, you can follow the below steps to reset your car alarm after battery replacement. 

  • Ensure you reconnect the battery properly and the hood remains closed.
  • Make sure the battery is fully operational. 
  • Lock and unlock your car using the key fob. 
  • Insert the ignition key and leave it in the On position for 10 seconds. Take a look at the dashboard to see whether the car alarm light turns off or on. 
  • Now, start your car and you can find the car alarm light has disappeared, which indicates you reset the car alarm successfully.  

Will Unplugging The Battery Reset Anti-Theft

Yes, unplugging the battery would reset the anti-theft system. Just detach the positive terminal of your car battery and leave it disconnected for two to three minutes. Then, reconnect the positive terminal to your battery. It will reset the anti-theft system as this system will lose memory due to disconnecting the battery. 


Resetting the anti-theft system is simple. Just insert the ignition key and keep it in the turn-on position for ten minutes. Set the ignition key to the off position and bring it back to the On position again. Now, start your car and the anti-theft light goes off. 

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