How To Bypass Anti Theft System Chevy Cavalier [5 Easy Steps]

If you want to know how to bypass anti theft system chevy cavalier, then keep on reading. Within the next 10 minutes, you will learn how to bypass or reset the anti-theft system chevy cavalier in 5 easy steps.

Our antitheft system resetting technique is as simple as our odometer resetting techniques. So, reading the article will help you to solve your issue ASAP and thus save you $40-$50 from your pocket. So, let’s read…

How To Bypass Anti Theft System Chevy Cavalier [5 Simple Steps]

To reset the anty theft system, place the key in the switch and turn to the ACC. Then turn the off from ACC and repeat it after 10-12 minutes for 3 times. Repeating the process will reset the anti-theft system. Now, see how to do it step by step…

Step 1: Putting The key In Switch

Firstly, you have to put the key on the switch. Locate the switch and put the key in, make sure it is properly inserted.

Step 2: Turn To ACC

Now turn to the ACC. Wait for around 12 minutes after setting it this way.

Step 3: Turn It Back

After completing step 2, reverse the step. Turn the key off from ACC and then back on to ACC after around 12 minutes.

Step 4: Keep Repeating

Repeating this process 3 times. It will take you about 40 minutes. Make sure to get it right every time.

Step 5: Doing It Properly

While repeating this process make sure not to turn the card on all the way to ACC. Start the process from the beginning in case you have mistakenly turned the switch all the way.

You will have no problem bypassing the anti-theft system of your Chevy Cavalier if you can complete each of these steps perfectly.

What If This Doesn’t Solve The Issue

If you have perfectly completed all the above-mentioned steps but can’t bypass the anti-theft system, the problem probably lies somewhere else. Here is an alternative solution for you…

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged
  • Start the engine
  • Leave the ignition “On” after the vehicle starts
  • Wait for 10 minutes till the security telltale turns “Off”
  • Repeat these 4 steps two times more. Your Chevy Cavalier should be usable now. 

Special Notes on Anti Theft System Troubleshooting

Bypassing an anti-theft system and resetting an anti-theft system is basically the same thing. Both of these mean getting the whole system in its proper functioning condition. 

In case you are wondering how do I reset my anti-theft system chevy cavalier, we have already shown you the solution. However, there is a surprising thing behind the method we showed you.

What is it?

Our method does not only solve problems for one type of Chevy Cavalier. Rather it also addresses the following issues to reset anti theft system chevy cavalier 2001-2004 models.

Waite…Waite! This doesn’t end here.

The above method also teaches you how to reset anti theft system ford. So, basically in the same article, you are getting to know about ford anti-theft system troubleshooting as well. Isn’t it impressive? Absolutely!


How do you bypass the security on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

You can bypass the security on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier pretty easily. Just leave the key in the “Run” position and wait for the “Theft System” light on the dashboard to flash. Keep it like this for 10 minutes and your problem will be solved.

How do I get my Cadillac out of theft mode?

Here’s how to get Cadillac out of theft mode:
1. Turn off the card first
2. Open up the trunk
3. Locate the fuse box 
4. Remove the theft fuse from the fuse box
5. Turn on the power for a few moments and turn it off again
6. Put the fuse and fuse box back in their place
The whole process will not take more than 30 minutes.

Will disconnecting battery reset anti theft?

Yes, disconnecting the battery will reset the anti-theft system. For this, you will have to disconnect the positive or the negative terminal. 

What triggers theft deterrent system?

Your cars theft deterrent or anti theft system can be activated due to the following reasons:
1. Using a copy of the original key
2. Forced entry 
3. Inclination or tilt
4. Movement of interior 

How do I know if my anti-theft system is bad?

The prominent sign that your anti-theft system has gone bad is:
1. Anti-theft light will flash when you try to start your car
2. The engine doesn’t start or crank
3. Your car won’t recognise your key

Can anti-theft stop car from starting?

An anti-theft system prevents your car from being stolen. The system disconnects the electrical circuit of the car. This halts the power supply of the car. And without power, the car won’t start or function at all. So yes, an anti-theft system can stop cars from starting.

How much does it cost to reset anti theft system?

If you want to get your anti-theft system fixed you can do it by yourself. We discussed the method in this article. However, in case you can’t solve the issue you may have to take your car to a repair shop. That will cost you around $40-$50.

What’s the best anti-theft device for a car?

You can use the following anti-theft device apart from your car’s default theft-deterrent system:
1. Rim and tire locks
2. Steering wheel locks
3. Car alarms
4. Kill switches
5. GPS device

Final Words

It can be frustrating if you have somehow activated the anti-theft system in your Chevy Cavalier. And taking the problem to the repair shop will cost you at least $200. 

But if you follow our method of how to bypass anti theft system Chevy Cavalier, you will be able to easily solve the issue in less than half an hour.

If you are still confused or have any queries, you can comment down below to us know.

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