How To Replace Ignition Lock Cylinder Chevy S10 [5 Simple Steps] 

Wondering how to replace ignition lock cylinder Chevy S10? Let me share my own experience with you. A few months ago, my car cylinder stuck in place and refused to turn.

So, I was failing to start the car. Without getting any other way, I replaced the ignition lock cylinder of Chevy S10 instead. Now, I will tell you the steps that I followed to replace the ignition lock. Hopefully, it will effectively work for you as did incase of Pontiac Grand am ignition switch replacement.

How To Replace Ignition Lock Cylinder Chevy S10 in 5 Simple Steps

The ignition lock works as the controlling unit of the ignition system of Chevy S10. It helps regulate the ignition along with the car’s appliances. Still, the ignition system often fails. Replacing the cylinder is even more important to prevent further damage.

For this, purchase a new cylinder from a trusted dealer or an auto parts store. If you are dealing with a Chevy S10 ignition switch problem, the following instructions are gonna be more helpful. 

Step 1: Put up the Lid of the Chevy S10:

First of all, you have to detach the negative cable from the battery. To disconnect the cable, you better use a wrench. Before dealing with the steering column, hold up for a couple of minutes so that the airbag system gets discharged.  

Step 2: Discard the Screws from the Steering Column Covers:

In this step, you need a Torx-head screwdriver in order to discard the locks from the upper and lower steering column covers.

First, raise the upper steering column cover using the screwdriver and keep it aside. Then slope the steering wheel and try to discard the lower steering column cover slowly. 

Step 3: Insert the Ignition Key into the Cylinder:

First, set the key to the “Start” posture. Then look under the lock cylinder and discover the hole. Finding the hole, insert a tool such as an awl into the hole. After that, try to disclose the key by pushing the locking tab along with the awl. 

The key then goes to the “Run” position, as you can see. And lastly, glide the lock cylinder away from the steering column. 

Step 4: Finally Inject the Ignition Key into the New Lock Cylinder:

First of all, in this step, insert the key into the “Run” direction. Then glide the lock cylinder into the exact position by assembling it with the brace area of the steering column.

Keep it doing until the key clicks to the exact place. Next, switch the key to the “Off” position. Lastly, attempt to toss out the ignition key from the cylinder carefully. 

Step 5: Replace the Upper and Lower Steering Column Cover at Last:

Last but not least, it’s time to replace the steering column cover. For replacing, the Torx screwdriver will be a helping hand. It helps to secure the covers of both upper and lower steering columns.

Don’t forget to tighten the covers using the screwdriver head. Finally, don’t forget to reconnect the negative cable. Keep tightening it until it goes to its proper connection. 

The following steps are about how to remove the ignition lock cylinder with the key. Hopefully, you are gonna love this and it helps you a little bit. 

How to Change the Chevy S10 Ignition Cylinder in 5 Steps (Bonus Tips)

You may sometimes want to know how to change the Chevy S10 ignition cylinder. Let’s talk about the process: 

The ignition cylinder works as a controlling switch that activates and delivers the electrical signal to the truck when it is time to start the engine.

Nonetheless, if the ignition cylinder gets jammed over time, you won’t start the truck. In this case, you have to go for a new ignition cylinder. Buy the cylinder from a trusted dealer. Let us discuss how to change the Chevy S10 ignition cylinder: 

Step 1: Discard the Underneath of the Screw the Steering Column Cover:

It’s easy and simple. Loosen up the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the upper column cover first and then gradually discard the lower column. 

Step 2: Drag the Cover Down:

After removing the screws from the upper and lower steering column, simply pull down the cover using your hands. 

Step 3: Push the Punch Pin into the Access Hole:

Check out the access hole underneath the ignition cylinder. After finding the hole, push a punch pin into it. 

Step 4: Snoop the Ignition Lock Out of the Steering Column:

In this case, you need a flat screwdriver to ply out the ignition lock from the steering column. Do it carefully. 

Step 5: Reinstall a New Ignition Cylinder:

It’s the last step. Now, you have to install the replacing cylinder into the steering column. And finally, assemble the steering column trim again. Your work is done. 

Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I get an ignition switch out without the key? 

How to remove the ignition lock cylinder Chevy without a key is a burning question at all. Do the process simply following the steps: 
1. Turn on the power drill first 
2. Hold the key slot of the ignition cylinder for a while 
3. Stick a paperclip into the slot. Place it to the left side of the key cylinder 
4. After that, place the cylinder in the right place using a screwdriver. Keep fixing until it goes to the right place

How do I know if my ignition lock cylinder is bad? 

When the ignition lock cylinder gets jammed over time, you can face many unpleasant issues. Let’s talk about some of the possible symptoms of your bad ignition lock cylinder: 
1. You can face issues when powering the truck
2. The car gets not power on 
3. Engine fails to start the car 
4. Car won’t start 
4. You may encounter problems with inserting and removing key 

How do I remove an ignition lock cylinder without a Chevy key? 

When the question comes: how to remove the ignition lock cylinder without the Saturn key, you have to follow some steps. 
1. First of all, detach the negative cable from the car’s battery.
2. Remove the upper and lower steering column
3. Don’t forget to unclog all of the electric cables 
4. Eliminate the ignition switch
5. Make sure to check out the security issues whether everything is okay 
6. Lastly, give a final touch up 

How does it take to replace the ignition lock cylinder?

Replacing the ignition lock is sometimes a tedious task when you are new to this job. It generally needs about half an hour for changing the ignition lock cylinder. But the time varies depending on the model of the car. It takes a long time for a classic car. 

How do I test my ignition switch? 

To test your ignition switch you have to do some processes such as: 
1. First, turn on the ignition switch to the “Off” position 
2. Keep the probe at the back of the power feed wire of the module with the help of a multimeter. 
3. Then put the negative lead into the ground base 
4. After that, switch on the ignition key to the “Run” position
5. Finally, gauge the voltage with the help of a multimeter 

What does it mean when your key won’t turn in the ignition? 

The key often won’t turn in the ignition for several reasons including: 
1. If you don’t use the right key or use a different key 
2. If the steering wheel gets locked. Turn on the ignition steering wheel and turn on the ignition switch. 
3. Then turn the steering wheel smoothly. Do it carefully unless the steering mechanism hampers 
4. If all the steps won’t work for you, you better contact a 5. 5. 5. Toyota dealership to get your problem solved.

Can I use WD-40 on the ignition switch? 

Absolutely. WD-40 is a degreasing agent that helps to run any kind of switch. If the ignition switch is worn out over time, you better use a dry lubricant like WD-40 for running the switch. 

How do you break the ignition and start the screwdriver? 

First of all, break the pins of the ignition switch in the cylinder using a hammer. Then turn it to the “Start” position. After that, discard the plastic ignition switch and inject a screwdriver. Turn on it and start the vehicle.


Now you know how to replace ignition lock cylinder chevy s10. So, whenever you need to replace the ignition lock, simply follow our step-by-step guide and replace it yourself.

Thus save your pocket and enjoy your ride.

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