How To Disable ABS Light On Silverado [3 Easy Steps]

If you are wondering how to disable ABS light on Silverado, you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you how to disable ABS light in less than 5 steps.

By the end of this article, you will also know 3 reasons you need to learn how to bypass ABS brakes light. So buckle up, and let’s get right into it.

How To Disable ABS Light On Silverado [3 Easy Steps]

If you have ABS light on your Silverado, it can mean a lot of things. We have already discussed the risk factor related to this issue. However, if you need to disable ABS light on your Silverado, then keep on reading. Here are the easiest method of disabling ABS light on Silverado with 3 simple Methods.

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Step 1: Manage Power Supply

To get into the disabling process, you will have to cut off and manage the power supply first. Here’s how to do it:

  • Detach the positive cable from the car battery
  • Hold down the brake pedal and wait till the vehicle’s electrical system drains properly
  • Check if this has reset the car’s central computer
  • Now plug the cable back in
  • If this doesn’t reset your car’s system and reset the light, then repeat the whole process.

Step 2: Working With The Sensors

Now you will have to change the ABS sensors. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Unscrew the housing of the sensor located on the wheel hub
  • Unplug all the wirings 
  • Place and screw a new sensor
  • Reset the whole system of your Silverado

Step 3: Using OBD Code Reader

Your final resort now is to use an OBD code reader. OBD code reader is a device that identifies and displays the different issues with cars through codes.

To do that, you will have to connect the OBD device to your car. Here’s how to do it:

  • Locate the DLC or the diagnostic link connector under the dash near the steering column. If you are having difficulty locating the port, then take the help of your car manual
  • Open the lid hiding the DLC system and insert the code reader’s connector
  • Now power on the OBD code reader and see the codes displayed on the screen

You can find the problem with your car with the codes. Here code chart that can help you determine the issue.

Once you have identified the problem, just fix it, and your ABS light will be off.

However, don’t expect every code reader to work perfectly for you. Use the one recommended by your local mechanic. Or you can just use ANCEL AD310 universal OBD code reader. 

This device will be compatible with not only your Silverado but with other car models as well.

And that’s all. You can disable your car’s ABS light in the simplest way if you follow the above-discussed method. So don’t go into complications and try out our technique.

3 Reasons To Know Before Disabling ABS Light On Silverado

You may have heard that disabling the ABS lights is illegal. Well, it’s not entirely true. While it’s actually prevented by law, there are some situations when you have to disable the ABS light no matter what.

Such situations can indirectly lead to unfortunate events. Here, look at the 3 reasons why it’s important to know how to disable the ABS light on Silverado.

1. Wheel Speed Sensors Are Broken

The purpose of the wheel speed sensor is to tell your car how fast the wheels are turning. 

When the speed gets unusually high, it sends a signal to the system. Once the system receives the signal, it alarms you with an ABS light.

However, if the wheel speed sensor is broken or dirty, it will show faulty results. This is because the sensor will send signals of fast speed even when the wheel is turning at an average pace.

This can be irritating. But that’s not all. Due to a faulty wheel sensor, you may not know when your car is actually moving too fast. This can very likely lead to accidents.

When you see your wheel sensor is giving wrong signals, you need to disable ABS lights and fix the issue. 

2. Malfunctioning ABS System

Your Silverado’s ABS is connected with other systems of your vehicle as well.

The ABS receives the signal from sensors connected with different parts of the car. The ABS light goes on if one or more of these parts sends irregular signals.

But this may not always be the case. For example, due to dirt or too much movement, your Silverado’s ABS can get broken. Debris can prevent it from receiving signals. 

This type of malfunctioning can prevent the generation of a signal when it is actually needed. If you want to solve this issue, you need to disable the ABS light and fix the ABS overall.

3. Hydraulic Circuits Are Damaged

Hydraulic circuits enable a car to stop. However, damaged hydraulic circuits fail to do so. When this happens, your car’s ABS realizes that your vehicle is in a vulnerable state.

Once it gets the signal, your Silverado’s ABS will show you signs. 

We are trying to say that your Silverado’s ABS light can mean that your car’s hydraulic circuits are damaged. Therefore, you need to disable it first to fix the issue properly.

As you can see, only emergencies require you to turn off or bypass the ABS sensor. So when you notice ABS lights on, don’t draw a conclusion yet. Instead, check your car accordingly as discussed above.


What happens if I remove the ABS fuse?

If you remove the ABS fuse, the car will not have any problem operating normally. However, the ABS will be off and will not turn on till you put the fuse back in.
In the worst-case scenario, removing the ABS fuse can lock the wheels as well. So be aware of that.

Can ABS be turned off?

In most cars, including Silverado, the ABS system cannot be turned off using the car’s operating system. However, you can do this manually with every model available. 

Is it illegal to disable ABS?

Well, it is illegal to disable ABS if you do it without any reason. However, if you face any of the issues discussed in the article, then it is permissible to disable ABS.

Can I drive without ABS fuse?

Yes, you can drive without ABS fuse. But this possesses the chance of brake failure and even locked wheels.

Can blown fuse cause ABS light to come on?

A blown fuse can be a reason why ABS light comes on. When a fuse blows, the car’s system considers this a signal that the engine or the brake system is damaged. As a result, the ABS light comes on.

Final Verdict:

The tension of the situation is understandable when you need to disable your car’s ABS lights.

But you don’t have to worry because if you can apply our method of how to disable ABS light on Silverado, you can pretty much solve the problem within minutes.

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