How To Disable Odometer From Reading Mileage [3 Easy Steps]

Looking for a simple way to disable the odometer of your car? 

We have got you covered. You probably won’t find much information regarding this issue on the internet. Most people don’t think it’s something necessary.

However, we can feel that you might need to reset or disable the odometer sometimes. This is why today we are covering how to disable odometer from reading mileage in 3 easy steps for you. Keep on reading and your problem will be taken care of. 

How To Disable Odometer From Reading Mileage In 3 Simple Steps

If are looking for an odometer kill switch, you are probably not going to find it. The most car doesn’t have this feature. But you can disable the odometer from reading mileage with a secret method. 

However, it will also reset your car odometer to zero. So keep this in mind before proceeding. Still, want to know how to change the digital odometer reading to zero? Follow these 3 steps.

1. Finding The Perfect Fuse:

Your car has different types of fuses for different purposes such as light, alarm, ignition. You have to find the perfect fuse in the fuse compartment. Look for the odometer fuse there.

2. Remove The Fuse:

After locating the perfect fuse you have to remove it. Take a fuse removal tool and gently pull the fuse out. This should disable the odometer of your car.

3. Wrapping Up:

Fuses of cars can be delicately installed. So after removing the odometer fuse, make sure that every other fuse is properly installed. Take the car for a short drive to see if everything is working fine while the odometer is out.

Is everything in the way you want?

Then congratulation, you have perfectly disabled your car’s odometer. But keep in mind that it will reset your odometer as well.

What If You Have An Older Model

The method we discussed above is for cars with odometer digital. But what about old modeled cars? For example, how to disconnect odometer Toyota Hilux? Well, we have a simple solution for that as well.

In the case of cars with mechanical odometers, you have to move the wheel in reverse motion. To do that you need to clock the car first. Then use an electric drill to drive a wheel backward.  

This will roll back the odometer to zero. And now you know how to reset car mileage. Knowing how to reset mileage on a car can come in handy when you are selling your old vehicle.

Odometer Blocker: An Alternative You Can Consider

You may not want to disable the odometer manually and that’s okay because you can use a mileage blocker instead. A mileage blocker or an odometer blocker is a simple tool that prevents your car from counting the Miles/KM while it is in motion.

It is software that basically stops recording the mileage. Such a tool is actually used for testing the performance of a car. But you can use this to block your odometer reading as well. 

Here’s how to install an odometer blocker in your car in less than 10 steps:

1. Remove the speedometer first. You will only need a screw for this task

2. Then remove the instrument plug from the cluster

3. Attach the odometer blocker via the plug

4. Don’t do any soldering and don’t cut any part of the wire

5. Put the plug back in its place

6. Now activate the blocker using the buttons you will find on your steering wheel. Press the wheel mode+BC to activate the tool

7. Notice if the turn signal is flashing to the left. In case it doesn’t, wait for a few minutes and press the buttons again 

And now you have successfully activated the odometer blocker in your car. Your car will not show any mileage reading from now on.

Want to disable the odometer meter blocker?

You can easily do that as well. Just press MODE+BC and wait for the cluster to flash to the right. This will enable your odometer to record the mileage again.


How do you tell if a car’s mileage has been clocked?

Here’s how you can tell if a car’s mileage has been clocked:

  1. Inspect the mileage on the old MOT certificate. Look for its service history.
  2. Worn pedals are a strong sign of a used car. Extra shiny steering wheels tell the same thing.
  3. Observe the car’s bonnet and look for stone chips stuck there. It can bear signs of heavy use.
  4. Look at the odometer closely and see if the numbers are readable. Gaps between numbers can mean that it has been clocked.

Can you fix odometer rollback?

Unfortunately no, you can’t fix the odometer rollback. Once an odometer has been disabled or reset, it loses all of its previous data. This makes it impossible to fix the odometer rollback.

Should I buy a car with odometer rollback?

It is better not to buy a car that has an odometer rollback. An odometer rollback usually means that the owner is trying to hide something. And that is not good.

Can a mileage blocker be detected?

No, it is not possible to detect an odometer blocker or a mileage blocker. Mileage blocker interacts with KOMBI (dash). The mileage is received from here and then sent to other modules. When the mileage stops in the blocker, the module only demonstrates what is on the clock.

Are car mileage blockers illegal?

Well, technically it is not illegal to use car blockers. What the law says is it’s illegal to sell a car after adjusting its odometer. 

How to reset anti theft system?

To reset your car anti-theft system, put your key inside the switch and on the ACC. Then off the ACC and do it gan after 12 minutes. Repeat it 3 or more times until resetting.


When you have bought an old card and want to remove all the data of the previous owner you can do that pretty easily. Just disabling the odometer will allow you to do that.

So follow our simple process of how to disable the odometer from reading mileage and get it done.

If you have any queries, then feel free to leave them below.

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