How To Cure Enamel Paint Faster In 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a faster way to dry enamel paint?

Settle down. We have just the thing you need. In this article, we will show you how to cure enamel paint faster with 5 easy methods. And not only this. We have talked about the issues that affect the drying process of enamel paint.

So keep on reading this and you will get to know everything you need to cure enamel paint faster. 

How To Cure Enamel Paint Faster In 5 Easy Methods

Do you know how long does it take enamel paint to fully cure? 

Well, it can take about 8 to 24 hours. That’s too long! Right? 

And sometimes even this long duration is not enough. However, we have some tricks that can help your enamel paint to dry within 15 minutes. So if you are having a problem with enamel paint not drying, follow these 5 easy methods.

1. Using Heat:

Keeping painted objects in a heat-controlled environment can dry the paint faster. There are mainly two ways to do this. Firstly, install a paint booth. Set up an enclosed area and paint the object there. 

After you are done with the painting, increase the temperature of that area to 200℉ (93℃). This should dry the Enamel paint faster. The second heating method is to apply heat to the coated product. This can dry the enamel paint faster as well.

2. Using Air:

Wet clothes tend to dry quickly in windy environments. A similar thing happens when it comes to drying enamel paint. The air evaporates the watery and liquidy part of the enamel paint solvent. And the enamel paint dries when all the watery substances are evaporated.

But how do you apply air in such a way?

Well, it’s simple. Take a blower machine and point it to the paint. Increase the air velocity bit by bit while keeping the machine pointed toward the paint. This will help water to evaporate quickly and as a result, dry the enamel within minutes.

3. Using Japan Drier:

This method is only for oil-based enamel paints. You can add a Japan drier to your oil-based enamel paint. This naphtha-based additive contains cobalt. Cobalt increases the oxidation rate of the oil and as a result, the oil-based paints are dried quickly.

Apply an ounce of Japan drier for a gallon of paint and mix it well before applying it to any object. Don’t wait after mixing the paint with a Japan drier. Apply it within the next 10 minutes for the best result.

4. Prepare The Product Before Applying Paint:

Properly preparing the object you want to paint can make the whole process effective. Enamel paint usually doesn’t stand on a cold surface. This is why you have to warm up the object before applying the paint to it. In this case, you have to bring the object indoor first and then follow this method:

  • Clear off all the grease, dirt, and oil
  • Place a heating lamp 3ft away from the object
  • Set the heating lamp’s temperature to 75 degrees celsius
  • Leave the object like this for 3/4 hours
  • Paint immediately after moving the lamp away

If you can do this properly, the enamel paint will take only 15 minutes to dry.

5. Don’t Use Paint Thinner:

You are probably used to using paint thinner in paint. But applying thinner can cause your paint to dry slowly. So avoid using paint thinner to a thick coating of paint. Instead, try doing this:

  • Use plural component pump to epoxies the paint 
  • Use paint heater to heat the paint

Doing these things will improve your enamel paint’s condition while helping it to dry faster as well. And this was it. You can make your enamel paint dry faster following these 5 simple methods. 

3 Reasons Why Enamel Paint Doesn’t Dry Correctly

Is your enamel paint not drying even after following our methods? There might be some significant issues. And if you can fix these points, your enamel paint drying period will be greatly reduced. So let’s check them out.

1. Low Temperature:

Low temperature means high humidity. Enamel paints dry slowly if there is too much humidity in that area. Humidity prevents the liquid part of the paint from evaporating. This is why while applying enamel paint, make sure the area is not too cold. A heated-up area is more preferable for this task.

2. Newer Enamel:

Enamel paints just taken out of tin will dry slower. Many people go through this same experience when they try to apply a recently bought enamel paint. So what you need to do is keep the lid of the paint tin open for at least a day before applying. It is enough to deal with this issue.

3. Dirty Surface:

Enamel paint will not dry properly if you apply it on a dirty or greasy surface. A dirty or greasy surface holds air bubbles and such elements that prevent paints from drying. This is why thoroughly clean the surface from any dirt and dust before applying the enamel paint.

You can use a clean piece of cloth for this purpose. Rub alcohol, if the surface is too greasy. But if you use alcohol, wait for it to evaporate before applying the paint. These are the main issues that can hold back the curing process of enamel paint. 

So deal with these conditions accordingly and get your enamel paint to dry faster.


How Long Does Enamel Paint Take To Cure?

Enamel paint can take 8 to 24 hours to cure properly.

Can You Dry Enamel Paint In The Oven?

Yes, you can dry enamel paint in a paint baking oven. Enamel paint can take up to 2 hours to dry if you set the temperature to 350℉.

What Spray Paint Dries The Fastest?

Enamel paint spray dries the fastest. It can dry in less than 10 minutes. Its drying duration is 15X faster than its competitors.

How Can I Speed Up The Drying Time Of Oil Paint?

Using different drying methods can speed up the drying time of oil paints. Liquin can be a good drying medium. However, there are other drying mediums such as turpentine as well.

What Temperature Does Spray Paint Cure At?

Spray paint cute at between 65°-85° Fahrenheit.

Final Words:

Waiting for enamel paints to dry is such a waste of time. And letting it dry on its own can affect the quality of the paint as well.

But how to cure enamel paint faster?

We have answered this question in this article. If you don’t want to compromise the paint quality and save your time, apply the methods we discussed here. Considering the points we have highlighted can make your life much easier.

If you have any confusion or question regarding our methods then feel free to comment below.

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