Windshield Wipers Going Crazy [5 Easy Solutions]

Windshield wipers going crazy is frustrating for any driver. The most common problems with windshield wipers are a faulty wiper switch, windshield wipers smearing water, they hit each other, they make a clattering noise and they don’t wipe water droplets.

Most of these issues are easy to fix but some do require the help of a technician. Keep reading this windshield wiper troubleshooting guide to find out how you can solve these problems and get your windshield wipers fixed.

Windshield Wipers Going Crazy [5 Easy Solutions]

We’ll discuss the most common cause of windshield wipers not working in this section. Let’s begin!

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1. Faulty Wiper Switch

An indicator of a broken wiper switch is that your wipers will keep working even if you wanted a single wipe. That happens because the limit parameter is broken and the wipers no longer receive the signal to stop.

It’s not necessary that the wipers will always act like this if the limit parameter is damaged. Sometimes, it may still work fine. Restarting the car will solve the problem temporarily but doing this continuously can get annoying really soon.


Cleaning the connector on the wiper motor is the first thing you should try. The connection has probably gotten loose. Give it a few good wipes and you can tie it with plastic so that it stays in place.

If that doesn’t work, doing a complete encoding of the car should solve the problem. The issue is caused by the wipers not realizing when to stop. If that’s fixed, the problem will disappear.

Recoding the RLS module to the default settings can also solve this problem. If the windshield wipers still don’t work properly, consider replacing the wiper relay. Take it to a technician if you can’t do it on your own.

2. Smear Water Over Windshield

One of the most common problems that people face with their windshield pipers is that it smears water all over the windshield. This problem is generally caused by worn-out piper blades.

The piper blades are made from rubber. They go bad with time. That’s why most manufacturers recommend that you change the wiper blades at least once every six months.


The first solution is obvious. You have to replace the wiper blades. But what if the wiper blades are as good as new? What could cause the problem then?

If the rubber isn’t old, the problem can be caused by dirt and sludge. Clean your windshield wipers to get rid of any dirt that might be in them. Use warm soapy water and rubbing alcohol to clean the wipers.

Use wiper fluid if the problem still persists. That should do the trick and solve this problem of windshield wipers smearing water over the windshield.

3. Windshield Wipers Hit Each Other

The windshield wipers hitting each other is caused when the bolt of one or both of the wipers has gotten loose. The wipers run into each other and make noises that can make you worried. Fortunately, it’s an easy problem to fix.


You need to tighten the bolt to get rid of this problem for good. Follow these steps to tighten your bolt:

  • Turn off the key and let the windshield wipers go to their original position.
  • Pop the hood and get a good look at the windshield wipers.
  • Make sure where wipers are recessed down to the lock.
  • Check whether each of the wipers is tight or loose.
  • At least one of the wipers will be loose.
  • Take the cap off that attaches the windshield pipers to the car.
  • Use a wrench or ratchet to tighten the bolt.
  • Put the cap back on and your wipers are good to go.

4. Chattering Noise From Windshield Wipers

There will be smearing marks on your windshield if the windshield wipers make a chattering noise. The most common causes of this problem are:

  • Either the windshield pipers or the windshield isn’t clean.
  • The wiper arm is not parallel to the windshield.


Just like the last time, the first thing to do is clean the windshield wipers with soap, water, and alcohol. Use a glass cleaner to clean the windshield. Check your wipers and see if they’re parallel to the windshield.

If the wiper arm is bent, then you can fix it using a pair of pliers. The wiper blades need to make full contact with the windshield. It would be best to bring in a technician if you can’t do it yourself.

5. Windshield Wipers Won’t Wipe Water Droplets

The water droplets will stick to your windshield if you’re driving in a polluted area. Dirt and sludge build up in the windshield and lock the water particles. You shouldn’t drive in this situation as improper vision can cause an accident.


Remove the dirt on the windshield first with a glass cleaner. Then apply water-repelling treatment to the windshield until you’re happy with the cleanliness of the windshield.

How To Get Rid Of Windshield Wiper Streaks

You can remove the wiper streaks on the windshield easily with a glass cleaner. Make sure that you get a cleaner that is alcohol-based. An ammonia-based cleaner may damage the tinting of your car.

Follow these steps to remove the windshield wiper streaks:

  • Spray the windshield with the cleaner.
  • Be generous but don’t apply so much that it gets drippy.
  • Wipe the windshield up and down using a surgical towel.
  • Press hard and do this across the entire windshield.
  • Flip the towel and repeat the process one more time.
  • All the streaks on your window should come off.
  • Take a microfiber towel to dry the windshield.


What to do if the windshield wiper streaks in one direction?

It’s common for the windshield wipers to streak in one direction in cold weather. If it streaks in one direction even if it’s not cold, you need to replace the wiper blades.

How to clean wiper blades?

Cleaning wiper blades with wd40 is a great idea. Soak a rag in wd40 and degrease the wiper blades with the rag. Go back and forth and wiper blades will be as good as new in about 30 seconds.

When do you need to replace your windshield blades?

Check for signs of damage in your windshield wipers. You should replace the blades if you see any cracks, chips, or other defects. It’s recommended to change the wiper blades every six months.

Why are my windshield wipers dragging?

Your windshield wipers may be dragging because your windshield is too dry. Use the windshield wipers when the windshield is wet or apply some windshield wiper lubricant to fix this issue.


Now you know what makes your windshield wipers going crazy and how you can solve this problem. Fix this problem with urgency as blocking your vision can lead to accidents.

We hope the tips we shared in this will help you fix your windshield wipers and you can get them to function properly. Drop a comment below if you have any questions for us.

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