Who Makes Nissan Oil Filters [Know A-Z]

If you’re looking to find out who makes Nissan oil filters, there is no clear answer to that. Nissan doesn’t disclose who its OEM Manufacturer is.  The most popular guesses by experts are Beck Arnley, Bosch, Mann, FRAM, Denso, Mahle Tennex, and Tsuchiya.

To find more about who makes Nissan OEM oil filters and whether you should use them or not, keep reading this article.

Who Makes Nissan Oil Filters [Know A-Z]

There’s no definitive answer to who makes Nissan oil filters. But there are some clues that you can use to know where your Nissan oil filter was made. You can do it by taking a look at the serial numbers.

For example, if your serial number ends with an A, it was most likely made in Japan. If it ends with a C, it was made in China. Different countries have different oi filter manufacturers. Nissan gives the deal to the best supplier.

The best supplier here refers to the company that can match the specifications required by Nissan and does it at the lowest price. That’s why these OEM manufacturers keep changing from time to time.

Nissan OEM Oil Filter vs Aftermarket Filter

There are some factors you should keep in mind before you choose whether to go with an OEM filter or an aftermarket filter. Here are some tips to help you in making that decision:

Quality of The Oil Filter

When you choose an OEM filter, you know that the specs have been given by Nissan. And nobody will understand how Nissan works better than Nissan. So, they will inevitably create the best filter for their engines.

They will take into account things like the flow of oil, oil pressure, the right viscosity oil for the engine, frequency of oil change, etc. That’s why you should stick to OEM filters.

Aftermarket filters will try to copy the OEM filters. But it’s likely that they’ll understand the critical factors behind the decision. They’ll cut some corners to save the cost and that may not be best for your engine.

Price of The Oil Filter

There are only a few oil filter manufacturing companies in the world. Yet, there’s a lot of difference in the price of different brands. You can get cheap aftermarket filters for less than $4 for most Nissan vehicles.

So, when you decide to go for a cheaper filter, you’re comprising on quality. If it’s a fair trade-off for you, you can go for it.

If you decide to choose an aftermarket filter, don’t go for the cheapest option. Use a premium oil filter as the cheap oil filters are bad in quality. Trying to save a few dollars here and there can cost you a lot in the long run.


A lot of people think that if you use another brand’s filter and your Nissan engine fails, it’ll void your warranty. But that is not the case. Nissan can’t blame engine failure on oil filters.

Steer clear of the cheap filters. If you do that, your engine will be fine. It is a safer option to use Nissan OEM filters for your Nissan vehicles. But it has nothing to do with the warranty. You should do it for the longevity of your engine.

Qualities of Good Oil Filter

Good oil filters have some qualities that you should be on the lookout for. These are:

  • Enables smooth passage of oil.
  • Ability to block dirt.
  • Doesn’t tear easily.
  • Low rate of oil loss.
  • Strong and high-quality outer seal.
  • Has good geometry and maintains good oil pressure.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap Oil Filters?

The first and foremost reason to avoid using cheap oil filters is that they won’t be able to block particles and it will cause harm to your engine. 

They are also poorly designed and won’t maintain the optimum level of oil flow through the engine. You’d be losing more oil if you choose a cheap oil filter. The seals of cheap oil filters aren’t any good and they allow oil leakage.

They could also be missing bypass valves and anti-drain valves. Less oil will flow through the engine if the bypass valve doesn’t work properly. You’d lose oil even after turning off your engine if you have a faulty anti-drain valve.


How much does the Nissan oil filter cost?

Nissan oil filters would cost you anywhere between $7- $10. Usually, it’s closer to the $7 price range but some premium filters can go higher.

How long do Nissan oil filters last?

It used to be recommended to change your oil filter after every 3000 miles of driving. However, most modern companies now recommend that you change your oil filter every time you change your oil.

Are Nissan oil filters any good?

Yes, Nissan oil filters are of excellent quality. You should especially use Nissan oil filters if you drive a Nissan vehicle.


Now you have some idea of who makes Nissan oil filters. Whether you use an OEM filter or an aftermarket filter, it’s up to you. You should always choose the best filter on your budget and stay away from cheap filters.

Using OEM oil filters is generally the best option in long run. But if you decide to choose other oil filters, pick a reputable brand. Don’t buy anything just because it’s cheap as it can harm your engine.

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