Who Makes Microgard Oil Filters [Know A-Z]

Microgard has different types of oil filters for different types of oil. The answer to who makes microgard oil filters depend on the grade of oil. The two main oil filters of microgard are regular microgard filters and microgard select oil filters.

Keep reading this article to find out more about who manufactures microgard filters, different types of microgard filters, what’s inside them, how they compare against Wix oil filters and if they’re the right choice for you.

Who Makes Microgard Oil Filters [You Must Know]

Purolater and Wix are the two companies that are most likely behind producing the regular Microgard oil filters. STP and Premium guard makes the premium oil filters called Microgard Select.

All microgard oil filters aren’t made in the U.S.A. Germany, Korea, Mexico, and Vietnam also manufacture these oil filters. If you get a spin-on oil filter, it’s most likely to be made in Mexico. But the drop-in oil filters are generally made in Korea. 

Different Types of Microgard Oil Filters

Microgard oil filters are a big hit in the automotive industry. Microgard has two different types of oil filters. The standard microgard oil filters are used for regular oil. The microgard select oil filters are made for semi-synthetic and synthetic oil.

1. Standard Microgard Engine Oil Filter

The standard microgard engine oil filter is a good choice for you if you use conventional engine oil and have normal driving conditions. It’s recommended to change the oil after 5000 miles of driving if you choose this oil filter.

The filter media of this oil filter has 95% efficiency at 29 microns. FRAM used to be the manufacturer of Microgard oil filters but it has changed to Mann and Hummel since 2020.

The base plate of the filters has also been changed from coil spring to leaf spring. The filter media is made of cellulose and has around 54 pleats. The filter paper is about 43 inches long when it’s all stretched out.

2. Microgard Select Engine Oil Filter

These are the premium Microgard oil filters with a synthetic blended filtering media. The recommended oil change interval when using this filter is about 10,000 miles. These filters are generally made in Vietnam.

These filters are of excellent quality. The base plate, and metal end caps are of excellent quality. The O-ring is thick and made of Silicon. The anti-drain back valve is also made of Silicon. The filter media has about 55 pleats.

The efficiency of the filter is 99% at 25 microns. The filter paper is about 55 inches long when it’s stretched out.

Are Microgard Oil Filters Any Good?

Microgard oil filters are a great value-for-money oil filter. If you’re using regular oil and driving in normal conditions, you can choose microgard oil filters. The thin filter media of Microgard oil filters makes the flow of oil very fast.

The regular microgard oil filters give good competition to Wix oil filters that are double the price. If you want to use synthetic oil, then you can also choose the Mircrogard Select oil filter. It all depends on which one’s the best for you.

Where Are Microgard Oil Filters Made?

Mann + Hummel owns the companies Puralotor and Wix. These are the companies that make the oil filters for Microgrard. The production facility of the Microgard filters is all set up in the U.S.A and that’s where they are made.

Who Sells Microgard Oil Filters?

Microgard oil filter is the house brand of O’Reilly Auto Parts. It’s the company that sells microgard oil filters. O’Reilly Auto Parts is a chain of stores for auto parts spread all across America.

You’ll find the microgard oil filters if you go to any one of the O’Reilly stores. Both the standard and premium engine oil filters are available in most branches of these stores.

Microgard Oil Filter Price?

The standard micro filters are generally priced at $5-$6. You’ll get the microgard select filters for $9-$10 at any O’Reilly Auto Parts store.

The quality of Microgard oil filters is excellent for its price. It’s a great low-budget option for car owners who drive in normal weather and terrain.

Microgard Oil Filter Cut Open

Microgard filters are good filters and it’s reflected when you cut them open. It has a decent weight and nice build quality.

The standard microgard oil filter weighs about 261 grams when it’s cut open. It has a nice base plate with a thick O-ring. The anti-drain back valve is made of rubber. It’s a good quality filter at a cheap price.

Microgard Oil Filter vs Wix Oil Filter

Let’s have microgard and Wix filters battle it out and see which one is the better of the two filters.

Pros of Microgard Oil Filter

  • It is cheap and has a very competitive price.
  • Has an excellent efficiency rate of 95% at 29 microns.
  • It can compete with oil filters of higher price.

Cons of Microgard Oil Filter

  • Only suitable for normal driving conditions.
  • Not recommended to use with semi-synthetic and synthetic oil.
  • Short oil change interval of 3000-5000 miles.

Pros of Wix Oil Filter

  • The performance of Wix Oil Filter is excellent.
  • It’s compatible with synthetic and semi-synthetic oil.
  • The oil change interval goes up to 10,000 miles.
  • It’s suitable for driving in rough terrain.
  • The filter paper is thick.
  • The filter media is synthetic.

Cons of Wix Oil Filter

  • It is expensive.

If you drive in normal conditions and use regular engine oil, then Wix oil filters are not worth spending the extra money. But if you drive under severe conditions, Wix is the better choice for you.

Who Makes Microgard Air Filters?

Microgard has regular air filters, cabin air filters, and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) cabin air filters. These air filters are most likely made by Wix and they’re manufactured in the United States of America.


Now you know who makes microgard oil filters and if it’s the right choice for you. We’ve talked about the two types of Microgard oil filters and how they compare with Wix oil filters.

We hope this Microgard oil filter guide will help you choose the right oil filter for your car. Please drop a comment below if you have any questions about Microgard oil filters.

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