Who Makes John Deere Oil Filters [Know A-Z]

It’s tough to answer who makes John Deere oil filters. JD has a wide range of products including vehicles for agriculture, gardening, and construction. These products have different engines. That’s why they have different oil filters.

John Deere sends the requirements to oil filter manufacturers. The contract goes to the supplier who can match the requirements at the minimum price. Keep reading this article to find out who makes JD oil filters.

Who Makes John Deere Oil Filters [You Must Know]

The manufacturers of the oil filters of lawnmowers, construction equipment, and tractors are not the same. While there is no official data from JD, there are a few good guesses floating around.

FRAM is the most likely company that makes JD lawn mower oil filters. The agricultural filters are made by Donaldson and Fleetguard. Mann Hummel Purolator also makes JD filters. Remember that these manufacturers are not permanent and they change from time to time.

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Are John Deere Oil Filters Any Good?

John Deere has been constantly updating their oil filters with time. JD oil filters are one of the best though they’re on the expensive side. The filters weigh about 200 grams.

You’ll get the following parts if you cut open a John Deere oil filter:

Base Plate: The base plate has eight inlet holes. You’ll see 13 holes when you flip the base plate. It also has a thick nitro O-ring to prevent oil leakage.

Rubber Anti Drain Back Valve: It covers the whole of the base plate.

Filter Paper: The filter paper is a high micron paper media and it has 65 pleats. The spacing is even. The paper is about 54 and a half inches long if you stretch it out.

End caps: The end caps are made of metal.

Inner Cage: It’s made of plastic.

Stamp Leaf Spring Bypass Valve: It weighs around 9 grams.

Filter Can: The can is made of metal and it’s thick and sturdy. 

All the components of JD oil filters are good. So, you can’t go wrong with using the JD oil filter. Especially, if you own a JD lawnmower.

Should You Use John Deere Oil Filters?

If your vehicle is made by John Deere, it makes sense to use JD filters. Why should you bother with others? Sure, you can save money by going for cheaper options. But think of the engine you’re protecting with the oil filter. Risking the engine is not worth saving a few bucks on oil filters.

A pro tip for you is to buy the JD filters during the winter sale. You can buy a few filters and keep them in hand. Buy enough to last you for a year and then you can repeat the same thing next year. This will help you save the few extra dollars that you don’t want to spend.

Does John Deere Make Their Own Filters?

Most car manufacturers don’t make their own oil filters and John Deere is no exception to that. The company that JD chooses to make their oil filters varies on the type of engine. But they don’t make their own oil filters.

Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mower Oil Filters?

One of the easiest ways to figure out who makes the OEM oil filters is to compare them with the aftermarket filters. FRAM and JD oil filters are almost identical in shape and design. That means there’s a high chance that FRAM makes the JD oil filters.

Though this is not guaranteed that FRAM makes the JD oil filters, it’s a good guess. The number of ring holes, the spring mechanism, and the quality of the base plate of both the oil filters are nearly the same.

How Often Should I Change John Deere Oil Filters?

John Deere is a big name on the lawnmower market. It’s recommended that you change the oil on the mowers every season (summer and winter) or fifty hours of use. Whichever comes first is the time to change the oil.

And you should change the oil filter with every oil change. So, you should change the John Deere oil filters after every 50 hours of driving your lawnmower.

Who Makes John Deere Oil Filter Kawasaki Engine?

The most probable answer is FRAM. The best way to know is to compare the two filters side by side. If they look the same apart from the colors, you’ll know that the manufacturer is the same.

What Oil Company Makes John Deere Oil?

John Deere has oils of different viscosities. The manufacturer of the oil depends on the viscosity of the oil. Chevron is the most likely manufacturer of John Deere Plus-50 oil.

Northland oil usually makes the lower viscosity oil in the United States. They make the 0w-40 viscosity oil. Petro-Canada usually wins the contract for producing these oils in Europe.

Who Makes John Deere 15w40 Oil?

John Deere doesn’t have a fixed manufacturer for making oil. Northland Oil usually gets the contract for making the oil. Mobil and Chevron also win the contract sometimes and manufacture the oil.

Is John Deere Oil Better Than Regular Oil?

Most John Deere oils are outsourced to other manufacturers. However, JD oils are of great quality as they provide the specs for making the oil. The additive packages of JD oils are better than most other oils.

The additive packages help the oil to stay clean and switch viscosities easily with changes in the weather. You should use JD oil for your engine, especially if you own a JD vehicle.


Now you know who makes john deere oil filters and whether you should use them or not. We recommend using it if you own a JD vehicle. If you want to use it for other engines, study the market and weigh the pros and cons.

We hope the pro tip to stock up on JD oil filters during a sale will help you. Leave a comment below and let us know if you have any questions.

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