3 Symptoms Of A Bad Transmission Governor Th350 [Solved]

Worn-out weight pin or hitch pin and pinholes, harsh shift, or difficult to downshift or upshift on acceleration are some common symptoms of a bad transmission governor th350. You can notice these signs when the transmission governor gets defective.

Below, we disclose every culprit responsible for a faulty transmission governor. So, stick with this guide till the end to explore the solution to fix a defective transmission governor.  

What Does The Governor Do On A TH350?

You can use the governor to tune the automatic shift points by changing the weight and the springs. It’s actually a clever device that informs your car transmission how fast the vehicle is going. As it is attached to the output, the governor will spin faster as fast as the car moves. 

Symptoms Of A Bad Transmission Governor Th350

How do I know if my transmission governor is bad? If this question appears in your mind, the following signs will let you know about a bad transmission governor. 

  • The weight pin or hitch pin and pinholes will wear out.
  • Check the plastic gear to see whether it gets cracked or broken.
  • The shaft will wobble around. 
  • The inside of the valve may get scored and hang up from the grit & clutch. 
  • You find downshifting a bit challenging when you try to slow down your car. Also, it will be a lot more difficult even when you try to downshift manually. 
  • You can also have trouble upshifting in the event of acceleration. 

3 Reasons Behind A Bad Transmission Governor & Their Solutions

From above, you learned about the signs of a bad transmission governor. Now, it’s time to know what causes the transmission bad and how you can solve them. And this chapter will break down everything. So, keep reading. 

1. Accumulator Springs Get Broken

The transmission governor will go bad if one or two accumulator springs get broken in the transmission.

Don’t know what actually the accumulators are? Well, they are actually a shifting modifying device that cushions the shifts within a transmission. These accumulators absorb the shocks coming from the circuit. 

If one of two springs of the accumulator gets broken, the accumulator fails to absorb the shock. Consequently, you will experience harsh shifting. 

To solve this issue, you can get a shift kit that includes accumulator springs. In this case, you can go for the Transgo HP kit to fix the issue. If you don’t know how to replace the shift accumulator along with the springs, check out this tutorial to learn. 

2. Gear On The End Of The Governor Gets Broken

TH350 broken governor gear is a common issue responsible for a defective transmission governor. If the gear on the end of the governor gets sheared off its teeth or the pin that holds the gear gets broken, the governor will not function. 

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the governor gear. Alternatively, you replace the entire TH 350 governor. In this case, this tutorial will help you change the governor. 

3. Governor Valve Gets Stuck

Your transmission governor will fail if its valve gets stuck and won’t move in the cylinder. The valve could be stuck because there is a lot of dirt in the valve or there is no lubrication left. If it gets clogged, you can’t shift your car properly. 

Fortunately, releasing the valve that gets stuck is not rocket science. Just grab needle nose pliers and pull the driveshaft. Then, place the driveshaft on a side and remove the yolk. 

Afterward, you need to disassemble the tail housing. So, unscrew 6-8 nuts that you can find surrounding the tail housing and slide off the housing. Now, the only thing remaining in the transmission is the governor valve. 

To remove it, unscrew 1 to 3 screws that hold the valve in place. Once you pull it out, clean the valve. You can also find one or two springs in the valve. Don’t forget to clean them as well. 

Once you clean the valve, put everything back into its place. We hope your car will shift properly. 


What would cause a Turbo 350 transmission not to shift?

If the governor or the passing gear valve gets stuck, you can’t shift the Turbo 350 transmission. We recommend you clean the gear valve or replace the governor if needed to shift the transmission. 

What does a shift kit do for a TH350?

A shift kid will help improve the performance of the TH350 by boosting line pressure, the volume of the fluid to the clutch packs, and the time of the shifts.

How much power can a 350 Turbo handle?

A 350 turbo handle can handle up to 700 horsepower. 


Throughout this guideline, we mentioned the symptoms of a bad transmission governor th350. We also described the reasons that cause the transmission governor defective.

As a result, you can easily detect the source of a bad transmission governor and solve them. If you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend you take your car to the mechanic to solve this issue for you. 

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