Street Demon Carburetor Problems [3 Easy Solutions]

The most frequently seen Street Demon carburetor problems faced by many people are the car doesn’t accelerate, the car overheats and dies, and the car running rich at idle.

Keep reading this article to find out more about these issues in detail and learn how you can fix them to get the right air and fuel mixture in your car. You’ll also learn how you can tune and lean out these carburetors, and whether these carburetors are of good quality or not. Let’s begin!

Street Demon Carburetor Problems [3 Easy Solutions]

There are many positive Street Demon carburetor reviews floating around on the internet but it’s still possible to run into some common problems if you use them. Let’s look at what these problems are:

1. Car Doesn’t Accelerate

When using a Street Demon carburetor, it’s a common problem that the car won’t accelerate though it will idle fine. It will sputter and shake when you press on the accelerator instead of doing what it’s supposed to do.

The most likely reason behind this issue is that the throttle isn’t open enough to be influenced by the accelerator pump. It happens when metal shavings get inside your carburetor. That’s why it runs well at idle but sputters and misfires during acceleration.

Another reason that metal shavings can get into your carburetor is if you use a poor-quality fuel filter. If the fuel filter is fine, the next thing to check on a Street Demon carb is the secondary air valve spring. It’ll open light to medium throttle and cause a bog if it becomes loose.


Open the throttle slowly and see if that solves the problem. If you’re having trouble slowly opening the throttle, there could be issues with the idle circuit in your carburetor even if it idles well. It needs to be fixed if that’s the case. Blow the dirt from the idle feed restriction using carb cleaner and compressed air. 

If you have a clogged fuel filter, you need to replace it and see if that solves the problem. But if that’s fine too, check if the secondary air valve is set loose and needs to be properly tuned. You can find how to do it online or refer to page 10 on your owner’s manual.

2. Car Overheats And Dies

One of the most common problems that people run to when they’re using Street Demon carburetors is that the car dies when it becomes overheated and crosses a temperature of 210 degrees or more.

The engine will die when the car gets too hot but it will run again when the car cools down. You’d also notice that the fuel will run rich at higher temperatures. The most likely cause behind this problem is that the float level is too high.


You’d have to adjust the floats in your carburetor if you want to solve this issue. Take out the carburetor from your car and adjust it by taking the top off. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then check your fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge and fix it as it may also be causing the problem.

3. Car Running Rich At Idle

A car running rich means that the mixture of the air and fuel isn’t correct and the engine is receiving too much fuel and very little fuel. It’s accompanied by a strong smell of gasoline when you’re idling. You’ll also get low gas mileage when your car is running rich as you’ll burn through more fuel.

The street demon 625 running rich is a common problem many car owners face. The car idles rough when it happens and the entire car gets shaken because of it. This problem normally occurs when the idle screws aren’t adjusted properly and it takes in too much fuel during idling.

If the idle screws are fine, then the next thing to look at is the fuel pressure. You can check the fuel pressure of your vehicle with a fuel pressure gauge. Adjust it close to the carburetor so that you can get an accurate reading.

The fuel pressure should be somewhere between 5-8. If it’s more than that, then it’s the reason behind this issue. Sometimes, the jets can also be missing in the carburetor which can also cause it to run rich.


The first thing you need to do if your car is running rich at idle, then you need to adjust the idle screws. One of them can be adjusted by hand and the other two require you to use a screwdriver.

Restore the factory settings and make sure that the throttle blades are in the correct position. Ensure that the float levels are fine and no gas is coming out from the boosters in the carburetor.

If the problem is being caused because of excess fuel pressure, you need to fix it. You’d have to replace the fuel pump in some cases. Have an expert mechanic take a look at your car and he’ll suggest what to do.

Take the carburetor apart and see if the jets are missing. If there are no jets, install them at the back of the carb and it should solve the issue.

How To Do Street Demon Carburetor Tuning

Before you begin adjusting the carburetor, you must start it and bring up its temperature. It’ll be easier to adjust if you have a vacuum gauge but you can also tune it by ear if you know what to listen for.

The first thing to adjust to tune your carburetor is the idle mixture screws. You keep adjusting it until you hear the engine idling smoothly. If that doesn’t do the trick or you’re having other issues, you need to adjust the metering rods or the step-up springs.

There are different diameters of metering rods available and you easily change them. The next thing to adjust is the flap and you want it to be at one tight turn from its closing point. You can adjust it by manipulating the screw that controls it using a flathead screwdriver.

If your engine stumbles or backfires, you want to adjust the accelerator pump in your carburetor. If it stumbles, go one hole richer and move it up. But if it backfires or it’s too rich, go one hole leaner and move it down.

Are Demon Carburetors Any Good

Street demon carburetors are hybrid carburetors that combine the idea from the old carter air valve secondary carburetors in a thermoquad and new ideas to improve the part throttle performance.

They are available in Street Demon carburetor 650 CFM and Street Demon carburetor 750 CFM. These carburetors are available in three different finishes:

  • Polished
  • Polymer
  • Burnished

They have small primary throttle bores combined with proven triple stack boosters offering a straight fuller design while delivering stable idle, crisp throttle response, and smooth performance.

These carburetors have a fuel bowl that’s integrated with the main body. The gasket is above the fuel level and that takes away all potential for leak paths.

The torsion spring valve and adjustment permit seamless primary to secondary throttle response regardless of the throttle opening.

A goggle valve secondary throttling plate delivers over twice the airflow of the primary bores for power that you can hear and feel. It features a dual mounting bolt pattern that bolts on in place of any four-barrel carburetor.

On the one with the polymer finish, it keeps the fuel inside the bowl up to 20 degrees cooler than its normal temperature. You can get a lot denser fuel charger in the carburetor because of that.

It also helps you to get better fuel economy by atomizing the fuel. All these cool features make Street Demon Carburetors one of the top choices in the market for carburetors. If you’re looking to get a carburetor, you should definitely consider Street Demon carburetors.

How To Lean Out A Demon Carburetor

The good thing about a demon carburetor is that you can adjust it without removing it from your vehicle. You’d have to take out the air filter before you can access the carburetor in most vehicles.

Locate the adjustment screws on the carburetor. You can turn one of them by hand but you’ll need a flathead screwdriver for the other ones. Turn both the screws at a time in a counterclockwise manner unless you can hit an optimum level where the air and fuel mixture ratio is correct.


Who makes the street demon carburetor?

Holley Performance Products is the company that manufactures street demon carburetors. It was designed by Larry Tipton and it has been a real game-changer in the world of carburetors because of its amazing performance.

When should you do street demon carburetor adjustment?

If there are any issues with your engine, first ensure that the engine, ignition system, and the other parts of the fuel system are working properly. If they do, only then you should consider adjusting the carburetor.

What are some common symptoms of a bad carburetor?

Rough idling, poor fuel economy, flooding of the car when you attempt to start it, the car hesitating under load, and stalling at low speeds are all signs of a malfunctioning carburetor.

How to replace the metering rod in a street demon carburetor?

Start by loosening the step-up piston cover screws and twisting the cover plates to the side. You’ll be able to remove the piston and the metering rod and replace it with another one.


Now you know the most common Street Demon carburetor problems and how you can fix them. It can be complicated to tune the carburetor if have don’t have an ear for it. Use a vacuum gauge in that case.

We hope this guide will help you solve the problem you’re facing with your carburetor. Leave a comment below if you have any more questions about Street Demon carburetors.

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