Purolator Oil Filter Problems [Solved]

Design issues and filter media quality was the major Purolator oil filter problems in 2013. Now, it’s 2022, and Purolator fixed those filter issues and used high-quality synthetic media to protect your engine by trapping 96.5% dirt. 

Today, we will discuss the problems the Purolator oil filter has had before. You can still find those negative feedback by visiting Bob Is The Oil Guy or other forums.

But we recommend you to not judge this high-quality and reasonable oil filter by those old comments. To learn more about the Purolator oil filters and their good side, continue to read. 

Purolator Oil Filter Problems: The Design Issue Back In 2013

Every Purolator oil filter user leaves negative feedback on different forums based on their experience. We found the oil coming from around the oil filter seal once we started the engine. 

So, we drain the oil and pull the filter out. When we inspected the oil filter thoroughly, we found some witness marks where the oil filter came in contact with the recessed nut. You can find this nut on the oil filter shaft inside the motor. 

We clearly explore that the top surface of the filter comes in a convex shape. Therefore, the gasket on the top surfaces is too wide. As a result, oil leaks around the gasket line with ease. Indeed, the Purolator oil filter has a serious design issue that is responsible for an oil leak. 

Therefore, the media filter this oil filter incorporates is made of paper elements. If you want to use the oil filter for several hundred miles, go for the oil filter synthetic media. 

However, if you want to get better results from the Purolator oil filter, we recommend you take a look at the design of the top surfaces. Make sure you choose the Purolator oil filter with concave shape top surfaces, not the convex one. 

Is Purolator A Good Oil Filter?

Of course, Purolator is a good oil filter. The design issue we mentioned above was found back in 2013. You can still find those negative feedback about this high-quality oil filter on Bob Is The Oil Guy.

If you notice the date of the responses, you can see the posts were made in 2013 or 14. Now, it’s 2022 and Purolator sorts out all the filter problems and fixes them. So, don’t be deceived by those negative comments. 

Today’s Purolator oil filters are specially engineered to offer you original factory performance for up to 10000 miles of engine protection. Purolator now incorporates multi-fiber high-density synthetic media.

As a result, the oil filter from this brand can capture 96.5% of dirt & particles to ensure superior engine protection. So, you can run the engine smoothly for years to come. Indeed, the filter tearing issue that was explored back in 2013 or 14 is now gone. 

And the best part is- that Purolator oil filters provide this superior engine protection at an inexpensive price. Indeed, you can hardly find an oil filter in the market that delivers such performance at an affordable cost. 

How Much Does Purolator Oil Filter Cost?

It depends on the model of oil filter you will get from Purolator. For example, Purolator L15436 costs you around $10 bucks and it will last up to 5000 miles between oil changes. 

On the other hand, Purolator PBL15436 will take $14.36 from your wallet and it will support you up to 15000 miles. Lastly, you should spend $10.13 to get PurolatorOne, which will last up to 10000 miles between oil changes. So, it’s up to you which one you should go for.  

Is There A Such Thing As A Defective Oil Filter?

Like all mechanical or electric equipment, the oil filter can also go bad. If the oil filter gets defective, it fails to adjust to the changes in temperature within the engine. In the worst case, the oil filter may rupture or burst. Consequently, the oil will leak back into the oil pan. 

Now, you may ask- how can I understand when the oil filter gets defective? Well, notice the following symptoms that will tell you about a malfunctioned or bad oil filter. 

  • If the oil filter gets clogged or defective, the car struggles to release oil into the engine. It may create a speed issue for your car and your car will sputter. 
  • You can hear a grinding noise as the oil leaks out before lubricating the moving metal parts. 
  • The oil pressure gauge reading will also drop down dramatically if the oil filter goes bad. 
  • The exhaust will get dirty which will indicate the oil filter gets defective or there is a problem with the oil system. 

As soon as you observe these issues, you must change the oil filter. Otherwise, it will bring ultimate engine destruction, which will leave a dent in your wallet. 


Who makes Purolator one oil filter?

Purolator is a subsidiary of a German filter manufacturer named Mann+Hummel. In other words, Mann+Hummel makes the Purolator One or other model of oil filters.

How many miles is a Purolator oil filter good for?

The efficiency rate of the Purolator One oil filter is 99% and it will support you up to 10000 miles between oil changes. However, the PurolatorBoss can go 5000 extra miles than the Purolator One. 

Does Purolator still make oil filters?

Yes, Purolator still makes oil filters to ensure superior engine protection & performance. 

Can a wrong oil filter cause damage?

Yes, a wrong oil filter will cause damage to your engine. A wrong-size oil filter prevents the filter from sealing properly, which may lead to oil leaks or low oil pressure. At worst, it may damage your engine. 

Can you reuse the K&N oil filter?

Yes, you can reuse K&N oil filters as this oil filter is washable & reusable. It means you don’t need to change the oil filter every oil change interval, which will save you money. 

Where are K and N oil filters made?

K&N oil filters are made in the USA at the headquarters in Riverside, California. 


All the Purolator oil filter problems discussed on different forums like Bob Is The Oil Guy were posted back in 2013 or 14. Now, it’s 2022 and the manufacturer fixes all those issues.

So, you can go for the Purolator oil filter without any hesitation to ensure your engine protection by removing dirt & debris. And the best part is- the price of this oil filter is reasonable and will support you up to 10000 miles between oil changes. 

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