Metal Piece Dragging Under Car [3 Easy Solutions] 

Metal piece dragging under car! If you hear the rattling noise that seems like pieces of metal banging each other, you are not alone who experiencing these annoying issues. Generally, a loose heat shield, cables hanging low, and muffling coming apart are the culprits that cause the dragging sound when they touch the road surface. 

You can easily get rid of the dragging noise that comes under your car by tightening up those loose parts or replacing them. And this guide will help you in stopping the metal rattling noise. So, keep scrolling.

Metal Piece Dragging Under Car [3 Easy Solutions]

This chapter will reveal the reasons that cause the rattling noise coming under your vehicle.

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1. Heat Shield Comes Apart

A metal piece like a heat shield dragging under the car is the result of the heat shield that comes loose due to vibration or rust. Basically, a heat shield is a part of the exhaust system. It deflects the excessive heat coming out of the exhaust and protects the electric motors and sensors. 

Driving your car through snow, dirt, salt so forth, the bolts that hold the heat shield in place get rusted over time. And the excessive heat coming from the exhaust speeds up the process. Once it comes apart, the heat shield will drag against the road and cause a scraping sound. 


Replacing the rattling heat shield is a simple fix to stop the dragging noise coming under your car. However, you may not need to replace it. You can bring your car to a welder and reaffix the heat shield to the exhaust by welding. If the bolts come loose, you can install new bolts to secure the heat shield with the exhaust system. 

2. Cable Hanging Low

Wire dragging under the car! If you experience this noise, we bet some cables or wires hanging low and touch the road surface.

cable hanging low 

As you drive your car down the road, the wires rub against the road and produce a rattling noise. 


The wires hanging low may be a grounding wire or plug for an automatic transmission. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about it. What you need to do is- just secure it somewhere using a zip tie. 

3. Muffler Comes Loose

A muffler’s main job is to reduce noise coming from the engine. This part is basically installed in line with the exhaust pipe. If a dragging or rattling noise (like pieces of metal banging each other) comes to your ear, we bet something is contacting the exhaust pipe. 

If a bracket or rubber hanger comes loose or gets corroded badly, it causes the muffler to rattle as the exhaust pipe snaps against other parts of your car when you drive your vehicle over bumpy roads. Besides, a loose muffler can cause a rattling noise as it wobbles around and touches other metal parts. 


The bolts or nuts that hold the muffler in place may come loose. Just tighten them up and it will stop the muffler from moving around. Either way, take a wire coat hanger and make an open triangle by untwisting the hook end. Now, use that wire coat hanger to support the muffler until you reach a shop. 


What is the metal part under the car?

The metal part that is dragging under the car may be a splash shield. Of course, you can drive your car without it. But I recommend you replace it when it gets corroded and falls apart as it shields your engine against water and FOD. 

Why is there something hanging from the bottom of my car?

Sometimes the plastic bags you roll over or blow under the vehicle are hanging from the bottom of the car as it gets caught by the exhaust. When they melt, it causes the plastic bags to hang from the bottom of your vehicle.

Can you drive with a dragging splash shield?

Yes, you can drive your car with a dragging splash shield. But we highly recommend you repair or replace it. Otherwise, moisture, dirt, and debris may get into the engine compartments and damage the engine components. 

How much does it cost to fix a splash guard?

The price of a replacement splash guard will cost you between $20 to $200. Basically, the material of the splash guard or location may affect the price of this part. And it will add another $35 to $160 for labor costs. 

What do you do if your skid plate is dragging?

Inspect the undercarriage of your car with a flashlight to see whether the skid plate is coming loose or not. If it comes loose, tighten up the skid plate by yourself. Alternatively, you can bring your car to a certified mechanic to fix this for you. 

Can I duct tape, my splash guard?

Yes, you can duct tape your splash guard to support. Just use a few layers of duct tape and it will hold the splash guard into its place. Keep in mind, that it’s a temporary fix. You must replace the splash guard if it comes loose or its nuts get corroded. 


If you hear the metal dragging noise coming under your car, take a look under the car and look for the three components (like heat shield and muffler) to see whether they come loose or not. They produce a rattling noise when banging against the road surface. Just tighten up any of the loose parts or replace them (if needed) to stop the dragging sound. 

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