Is Synthetic Oil Better For Diesel Engines [Explained]

Is synthetic oil better for diesel engines? We get this question from thousands of car owners who have old diesel engines. Most of them use conventional oil for the diesel engine and hesitate to switch to synthetic oil. 

For their consent, we assure them to switch to synthetic oil for older diesel engines. It lasts longer, increases fuel efficiency, and protects your engine by preventing sludge & wear. To learn more about the advantages of using synthetic oil, continue to read this article. 

Is Synthetic Oil Better For Diesel Engines?

Yes, synthetic oil is better for diesel engines if you select the right type of synthetic oil for Powerstroke or diesel engines. Here we will mention some advantages of using synthetic oil. 

First off, we want to point out just any synthetic oil is not superior to conventional oil for your diesel engine. But getting one from a trusted brand like Mobil, it’s worth spending extra bucks purchasing the synthetic oil. 

The moving parts of the engine will last longer as the synthetic oil keeps them well-lubricated. Therefore, this oil type doesn’t break down often and will be more energy efficient. 

Fuel economy is another advantage you will enjoy if you switch to top-quality synthetic oil. You don’t need to change oil frequently if you add synthetic oil into the engine, which saves you both money & time.

The best part of using synthetic oil is- it will help to start the engine in extreme cold. Such an oil type is lighter than conventional oil and helps to start the engine with ease.

Apart from these, modern synthetic oil has the perfect blend of chemicals and additives. So, they could maintain the viscosity grade under any conditions. In short, synthetic oil is better for your diesel engines than conventional oil.  

Is Semi-Synthetic Oil Ok for Diesel Engines?

Yes, you can use semi-synthetic oil in your diesel engine without any hesitation. Most of the diesel engines are ok if you pour conventional oil. And if you switch to synthetic oil, it brings no ill effects. And when it comes to semi-synthetic oil, we will say, Yes, double to go for this oil type.

Generally, semi-synthetic oil uses a blend of traditional petroleum-based oil and synthetic oil. So, it doesn’t bring any damage to the internal engine components. 

However, we recommend you check whether the oil meets the OEM specifications or not. If it meets the OEP requirements, you can use semi-synthetic oil with no hesitation. 

How Are Synthetic Oils Cost-Effective in a Diesel Engine?

Synthetic oil lasts longer, lubricates every metal part optimally, and you will gain between two-five percent fuel economy. So, it’s worth it and cost-effective if you use synthetic oils in a diesel engine.

As you don’t need to change oil frequently, it will save you both time and money. So, the extra price of getting synthetic oil is worth it fully. On the other hand, conventional oil may not last longer between oil changes. In other words, you need to replace the oil often. 


We recommend you go for synthetic oil for your diesel engines. It will last longer, lubricate the engine parts optimally, and protect the engine against wear & sludge. 

And the best part is- synthetic oil maintains its viscosity under extreme conditions. So, you don’t need to hassle to start your engine in extreme cold or hot temperatures. 

On top of this, synthetic oil is cost-effective though the initial price is a bit expensive. As it lasts longer than conventional oil, you don’t need to change the oil often. So, it will save you money in the long run. 

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