Is Kendall Oil Any Good [Explained]

One of your friends put Kendall oil in his car, and he says this oil offers superior engine protection. As you never use engine oil from this brand, it’s natural to pop this question up in your mind: Is Kendall oil any good?

Yes, Kendall oil performs the best in terms of wear protection due to its advanced additive named Liquid Titanium. Below, we break down everything about the Kendall synthetic oil. So, let’s dive in. 

Is Kendall Oil Any Good [Know A-Z]

Kendall is a reliable name you can trust to lubricate your engine and protect its every moving part. It’s high-quality conventional engine oil, which is specially formulated for gasoline-fueled passenger cars & light trucks. However, you can choose the viscosity grade your car recommends to get the most out of this engine oil. 

The best part of Kendall oil is its Liquid Titanium additive. This enhanced additive strongly bonds to metal surfaces and forms a titanium shield on the surface of critical moving engine parts. In simple words, it adds an extra layer of protection to extend your engine life by reducing wear & tear. 

Besides, this advanced oil additive also boosts oil oxidation stability. As a result, your oil will last in your engine for a long time, enhancing the mileage & engine protection. 

Also, Kendall engine oil delivers superior wear protection by minimizing sludge & varnish formation. Due to the upgraded addition, the Kendall oil can resist viscosity and thermal breakdown. 

Therefore, this oil can also protect your car engine against rust & bearing corrosion. Indeed, Kendall Oil is the best engine oil to enhance engine performance by ensuring superior protection against rust, varnish, and sludge. 

What Makes Kendall Oil Different From Others?

So far, Kendall is a well-known and reputable brand for supplying high-performance engine oils. This oil brand makes it different from other oil brands by using a unique additive named Liquid Titanium. 

This chapter will help you know the differences between Kendall oil and other oil brands. So, keep scrolling.

Kendall Oil Vs Mobil 1

Kendall and Mobil 1 are both high-quality engine oil suppliers. Mobil 1 makes a big name and everyone around the world knows about the quality & performance of its oil. 

When comparing both oils, we found that Kendall oil performs the best to clean the engine than Mobil 1. It removes sludge, dark varnish, and discoloration like a champ.

However, it doesn’t mean Mobil 1 is less qualitative. It also eliminates deposit build-up from the engine optimally. But we prefer Kendall Oil most in terms of oil cleaning ability. 

Kendall Oil Vs Castrol

The difference between Kendall and Castrol oil is their flow rate. Kendall flows fast to the top of the engine and other moving parts with ease and lubricates them. On the other hand, Castrol oil also reaches every critical part of the engine, but comparatively at a slow pace. 

Kendall Oil Vs Amsoil

Amsoil is better than Kendall oil in terms of lubricity and flow rate. If you want to lubricate your engine optimally, we recommend the Amsoil over Kendall.


Who manufactures Kendall oil?

Kendall oil is a brand of ConocoPhillips Co. So, this manufacturer produces high-quality Kendall oil for passenger cars & heavy-duty engines. 

Is Kendall Full Synthetic good oil?

Yes, Kendall Fully Synthetic, especially the Kendall GT-1 is good synthetic oil. This oil is specially formulated with a liquid titanium additive to provide superior wear protection. 

How many miles is Kendall synthetic oil good for?

If your gasoline-fueled car crosses its driving mileage up to 75000 miles, we recommend you to feed your engine with Kendall Synthetic oil. It provides the protection your engine needs to perform the best for a long time. 

Is Kendall oil Dexos approved?

Yes, Kendall oil is Dexos approved. 


You can rely on Kendall synthetic oil to protect your engine against sludge, varnish, and discoloration. It uses an advanced oil additive named liquid titanium. This additive ensures superior engine protection and lubricates the moving engine part optimally. 

However, we recommend you check your car manual and go for the oil the car manufacturer recommends. In this way, you can get the most out of the oil you pick. 

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