Infiniti G37 Oil Change Interval [Learn Everything]

How often should I change the oil in my G37? This is a buzzing question asked by thousands of Infiniti G37 owners. Well, changing the oil regularly will increase the performance of your car as it lets the engine run smoothly.

If you don’t replace the engine oil or delay than recommended, it may damage your car engine. Now, you may ask- what is the right time for Infiniti G37 oil change interval? 

Actually, it depends on how you use your car and the style of your driving. If you drive your car aggressively, you need to replace the oil frequently. Below, we break down everything like- how often you need to replace the car and what type of oil will be perfect. So, continue to read. 

What Is the Infiniti G37 Oil Change Interval?

The oil change intervals depends on the quality of the oil. For example, you can go to about 7k miles between changes if you use top quality synthetic oil

Some car owners also change the oil after driving their car about 4k to 5k miles. However, you don’t need to change the oil before the first recommended oil change interval. Infinity recommends changing the oil twice a year when you hit the 7500-10000 miles.

In other words, you should change the oil once your driving miles reach 3k. If the oil change intervals go longer than the recommended time, it could bring damage to your car engine. Keep in mind; oil change intervals depend on how you drive your car.

You need to change the oil frequently if you drive your Infiniti G37 under the following conditions.

  • Frequent short distance driving at cold outside temperature
  • Ride your can in dusty condition
  • Aggressive car driving

Oil Change Intervals for Differential, Transmission, Brake, and Power Steering

Apart from changing the engine oil, you should change the transmission fluid, differential fluid, and power steering oil to keep them in the best condition. 

Transmission Fluid Change Interval

We recommend you replace the transmission fluid or oil every 36000 miles or after every three years. It will keep your transmission fluid in its shape. If you drive your car on rough or muddy roads, it would be best to replace the oil every 30000 miles or 24 months. 

Differential Fluid Change Interval

On the other hand, Infiniti g37 differential fluid change interval is between 30,000-60,000 miles. However, you should change the differential fluid every 30000 miles when towing frequently. 

Brake Fluid Change Interval

Now, let us inform you how often you should replace the brake fluid. The oil change intervals for brake fluid depend on what Infinity car model you have. Generally, Infinity recommends you change the brake fluid or oil every 20,000 miles or 24 months. 

Also, it is a must to change the power steering fluid to let it function properly. We recommend you replace the steering fluid every two years or 75000 miles. 

Cost of Infiniti G37 Oil Change

The average price you need to change the oil of your Infiniti G37 is $119. However, the estimated cost may vary depending on your car model. For example, the 2008 Infiniti G37 will cost you $150 to replace the oil.

On the other hand, you need to spend around $160 to change the oil of your 2012 Infiniti G37. However, you can reduce the oil change cost if you do this task by yourself. In this case, you just spend some bucks to get the synthetic oil. 

If you don’t know how to change car oil, watch a tutorial from YouTube. 

But, we recommend you take oil change service from a company as they change the oil, inspect the condition of every fluid, and perform some basic inspection workflows. 


Does Infiniti G37 use synthetic oil?

Yes, Infiniti G37 uses only synthetic oil to improve your car performance. Therefore, it also enhances the lifespan of your vehicle engine.

Are Infiniti G37 expensive to maintain?

The annual maintenance cost on Infiniti G37 is $540. It is comparatively low as the luxury midsize car requires $739. 

Does INFINITI require synthetic oil?

Yes, every Infiniti car requires synthetic oil to run the engine smoothly. 

How many miles can an Infiniti G37 engine last?

You can go about 200k miles with your Infiniti G37 without having any problem if you use the right oil and change the oil regularly. 

Do Infiniti cars last long?

Yes, Infiniti cars will support you for a long time and you can get 200k plus miles if you maintain it properly. 


Your everyday driving friend (Infiniti G37) will support you for a long time if you support him. In other words, you should regularly change the engine oil to operate the engine smoothly. That’s why you should know the right oil change interval.

Above, we mentioned everything related to Infinity G37 Oil Change Interval. Also, we covered how many bucks you should spend to change the oil. So, you don’t need to replace the oil by guessing anymore. Happy driving!

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