How To Replace Front Struts On Toyota Tundra [4 Easy Steps]

Wanna know how to replace front struts on Toyota Tundra? Well! Let’s talk about my experience guys! A couple of days ago, I was about to go on a trip. When I was trying to start my Toyota Tundra, it refused to move.

I didn’t get the point, what was wrong. Suddenly, I realized the front struts got worn. Unfortunate! Still, I went on trying to get the truck started.

 replace front struts on toyota tundra

When all of my attempts failed, I thought of replacing the front struts on my Toyota Tundra instead. Now, I gotta talk over the steps I followed to replace the front struts on Toyota Tundra. I am sure you guys are gonna love these effective steps. The steps will definitely work for you. 

How To Replace Front Struts On Toyota Tundra [4 Simple Steps]

The struts of the Toyota Tundra are one of the most important parts that work as the controlling unit of the steering system. They help to provide a smooth ride to passengers. If they get worn over time, it will make the ride unsafe for you.

In that case, it is more crucial to replace the struts for preventing further damage. Plus, replacing can save half of your money instead of costly repairs. If you are dealing with this issue, the following 4 steps on the Toyota Tundra front struts replacement are gonna be more effective. 

Step 1: Raising The Front End Of The Toyota Tundra:

In the very first step, use a floor jack in order to raise the front end of the tundra. Then place it beside the frame with the help of jack stands.  

raising the front end of the toyota tundra

After that, you need a tire iron. It assists in loosening up the nuts that the steering wheel. After removing the nuts from the wheel, place the wheel aside. 

Step 2: Removing The Lower Retaining Bolt:

In the second step, you need the help of a wrench and a ratchet. They help to remove the lower retaining bolt that holds the front struts back to the wheel hub. 

removing the lower retaining bolt

Next, you have to discard the nuts of the upper mounting. After removing the nuts, haul struts under your tundra. Don’t forget to finish the exact process on the other side of the vehicle. 

Step 3: Connecting The Strut To The Mounting Bolt:

In the next step, try to connect the front strut to the upper mounting using the nuts. A wrench can be a helping hand in the process. After attaching it to the frame, fix the dial on the torque twisting to 47 foot-pounds. Never forget to tighten the wrench properly. Keep fixing it until you get satisfied. 

connecting the strut to the mounting bolt

Now, it’s time to attach the struts to the lower mounting. Do the same process as the upper mounting. Then spot the dial on the torque twisting to 100 foot-pounds. Again do the same step on the remaining side of the tundra. 

Step 4: Mounting The Wheels:

It is the last step to follow. You have to lift the front steering wheels first. Then keep on lowering the front end. And for the last time, do a professional check out and align with the wheels. Your task is all done. 

mounting the wheels

These are the following steps on replacing Toyota Tundra front struts Bilstein. Hopefully, you are gonna be helpful with these. 

How To Replace The Rear Shocks In A Toyota Tundra (Bonus Tips)

You guys may often want to know how to replace the rear shocks on Toyota Tundra. Let me discuss the steps. 

As you already know, the Toyota Tundra is perfect for hauling. Any flaw in the front or rear struts of the truck, you wouldn’t start the truck. Thus, there is no option to avoid the matter. Better you know the process of replacing the rear shocks on your Toyota Tundra. 

Let’s discuss: 

Step 1: Lifting the Rear End Of The Toyota Tundra:

Raise the rear end using the floor jack first and then use jack stands to support it standing with the frame. Then loosen the supporting nuts using a tire iron in order to remove the wheels.

Keep the wheels aside then. Now, you have to fix the rear shocks in the undercarriage. Make sure they seem like two tubes sliding reversely. Don’t forget to set them on the underside of the wheel hub. 

Step 2: Disconnecting The Bottom Of The Shocks:

Pull apart the shock using a wrench and a ratchet. Then discard the nuts of the upper mounting and further accessories. Keep doing the process on the other side also. 

Step 3: Positioning The Shock:

It’s time to place the shock and torque wrench. Set the upper torque wrench to 15 foot-pounds and the lower torque to 64 foot-pounds. Fulfill the same points on the other side of the vehicle. 

Step 4: Mounting The Rear Wheels:

In the last step, do mount the rear wheels along with the lower end of the vehicle. 


What do the struts do in my Toyota Tundra? 

Struts are one of the essential accessories of a vehicle. They help to limit the spring as well as bounce the vehicle. They also control the steering system. If the struts go bad, they can’t control the excess bouncing of the truck. Consequently, it causes injury to the undercarriage of the vehicle. As a result, you won’t drive safely. That’s why it’s very important to replace the worn struts. 

When do I need to replace the struts? 

In general, how long the struts do good depends on your driving. Replacing the struts around 50,000 miles is recommended. Still, there are some common symptoms when the struts go bad. Such as- 
1. Rough or risky rides
2. Difficulty in steering 
3. Loss of control when driving on uneven roads
4. Problems in braking 
5.Unstable brakes 
6. Odd wear on the tires 
7. Difficulty in changing or turning lanes 
8. Leaking of fluids around the wheels 
9. Scalloped drops around the verge of tire tracks

What will I need to replace the struts of my Toyota Tundra? 

You need a couple of accessories for replacing the struts of your Toyota Tundra. They include-
1. Floor Jack
2. Adjustable wrench
3. Ratchet set
4. Jack stands
5. Torque wrench
6. Tire iron
7. New struts

Is it difficult to replace front struts? 

If you are new at this job, it will definitely be a difficult task for you. But fortunately, you are getting a complete strut assembly on the market. It helps you to do your job easily. You can now replace the front struts of your vehicle using the strut assembly within only 2 hours. If you still don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, you better take help from a professional. But it will be a costly investment. 

Is it dangerous to drive with bad struts?

Struts on a vehicle are one of the most crucial parts of the steering system and alignment of the vehicle. They help to control the bounce of the vehicle. They also assist in limiting the spring. If they get worn, the car causes excess bouncing and other uncontrolled damages. So, you can’t safely drive the car. Plus, if you don’t take preventive measures soon, they will hamper the other components of the car. 

How much does it cost to repair struts on a Toyota Tundra?

Repairing the struts of the Toyota Tundra is somewhat a costly deal. The estimated cost of the repairing process is ranging from $751 to $794. The cost is divided into two parts. All the required accessories cost about $587 while the labor cost is between $106 to $207. So, you see, you can save some of your money if you do it yourself. 

Are struts worth replacing? 

Actually not! You don’t need to replace the struts until your car causes extra bouncing or leaking fluid around the wheels. This is because replacing the struts is a costly deal. So, there’s no need for replacing unless you face serious problems. You better replace it by yourself so that you can save some of your money. 

How long do front struts last? 

Although it depends on how you drive the car, the struts can last up to 5-10 years generally. It will be more durable when you drive in favorable conditions. But some conditions badly impact the struts including manufacturing flaws, uneven roads, rough braking, towing, forceful driving, and so on. Your proper maintenance and care can make them last longer. 

Final Words:

As you can see, in this post, we have talked over how to replace front struts on Toyota Tundra with bonus tips. Although front struts are one of the important parts of the Toyota Tundra that help to regulate the steering system of the vehicle. So, you have no chance to overlook the matter. So, we hope you guys enjoy the solution here. We wish you a safe ride all the time! 

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