How To Remove Theft Attempted Messages [2 Easy Methods]

Anti-theft message! You activated this alarming message when you jacked up your car. It’s not a big deal, and you hit the Dismiss button on the steering wheel and the message goes away. But the heck is- the ‘theft attempted’ message comes on again when you start the car. 

It drives you crazy as pressing the Dismiss button didn’t bring any luck to you. So, you asked yourself- how to remove theft attempted messages? 

Fortunately, we will help you disable the anti-theft message by breaking down two methods. We described the first method at the beginning of this guide. And the second method is mentioned in the FAQ sections. So, keep reading. 

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What Does Theft Attempted Mean On Car?

Theft Attempted messages will pop up on the instrument panel when someone tries to enter a car unauthorizedly. 

Actually, it’s a theft-deterrent system specially designed to prevent your vehicle from the attacked by thieves.

This system will activate the horns and exterior lamps when a break-in is detected. It’s just a theft prevention system, which means it doesn’t impact your engine starting system. 

In this system, the BCM (body control module) monitors your car hood, door, and rear hatch ajar switches to detect an unauthorized attempt to access your car. The system can also detect the keyless entry transmitter. 

The body control module will make an alarming sound and show a ‘Theft Attempted’ message on the instrument panel if someone tries to access your car without using the unlock command. 

How To Remove Theft Attempted Messages?

Don’t know how to clear a theft attempted messages? Then, this chapter will break down how to turn off theft attempted messages on the instrument panel. 

Note: This method will work for the cars that come from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. 

First off, unlock the car door by pressing the ‘unlock’ button. You can unlock the car door two ways. Firstly, the unlock button. And the second option is using the key. Just turn the ignition on using the key. 

Once you unlock the car, it’s time to lock it again from the inside of your vehicle. To do this, enter your car and hold down or press the lock switch from inside of your Buick or Chevrolet to lock the doors.

Ensure you also lock other doors, trunks, hood, and liftgate. You can’t reset the alarm if any of these will remain open. 

Now, wait until the security light will not stop flashing from inside the car after closing the door.

Alternatively, you can shut the door first and press the lock button from the keyless remote. Thus, you can pre-arm the theft-deterrent system and the ‘Theft Attempted’ message will disappear on the instrument panel. 


What triggers the theft deterrent system?

If you or someone tries to open the door, hood, and trunk without using the key or remote, the BCM will trigger the theft-deterrent system. Turns out, the theft-deterrent system will be triggered if you turn the ignition switch to the on position without using a key. 

How do I get my car out of theft mode?

You can easily get your car out of theft mode by turning on the ignition. Just insert the key into your car ignition and turn it on. It will not start the engine but will activate other car accessories. Now, take your eyes on the dash to check whether the anti-theft light is blinking or not. If not, we recommend you turn the key to the off position.  Finally, leave your car for a couple of minutes to reset the anti-theft mode

Will disconnecting the battery reset the anti-theft?

Yes, disconnecting the battery will reset the anti-theft. Just detach the positive terminal of your car battery and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, reconnect the terminal again and ensure both the anode and the cathode terminals are attached tightly. It will reset the anti-theft system.

Can anti-theft stop car from starting?

No, anti-theft mode can’t stop your car from starting. If you fail to start your car when the anti-theft light is blinking, we bet there is an issue with the anti-theft system. 


You can easily clear the theft attempted message from the dash by pressing the unlock button or turning the ignition on. We described both those methods. So, follow those steps and turn off the anti-theft mode. If you fail to disable the anti-theft system using those methods, we recommend you get your car to a mechanic. 

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