How To Remove Stuck Strut Bolt [7 Easy Steps]

If you are looking for a way to remove the stuck strut bolt, then settle here. In this article, we will discuss the easiest method of how to remove stuck strut bolt. We assure you you will be able to remove any struck strut bolt in 7 steps.

But firstly, let’s see if you need to remove the stuck strut bolt of your vehicle at all.

When To Remove Stuck Strut Bolt Of Your Car

You need to remove the strut bolt of your car when the strut mount is damaged. But, if you want to fix a faulty strut mount, then you definitely need to learn how to remove the strut mount bolt.

But before getting into all of these, you need to understand if you really need to remove the strut bolt in the first place. Here are a few points that can tell you if you need to remove the strut bolt of your car:

1. If You Hear Abnormal Noises:

A loose or faulty strut mount will make unusual sounds when your vehicle is in motion. Loose strut mount can cause accidents. This is why if you hear abnormal noises coming from the strut mount, remove the strut bolt immediately. 

2. If The Tire Wear Is Premature:

Premature tire wear is a prominent sign of faulty strut mount. In case your car is not running smoothly, check the tire wire. If it seems premature, remove the stuck bolt first and then remove the stuck mount to replace it with a new one.   

3. If The Tire Alignment Is Not Correct:

Poor tire alignment will give you a bouncy ride. You will be able to feel that there is something wrong with your car. This is actually an issue with the strut mount.

So if you can feel that the tire alignment is not correct, remove the strut bolt and replace the strut mount as soon as possible.

These are basically the 3 main points that indicate your strut mount is damaged and you have to remove the strut bolt. If your strut mount is totally fine then you don’t need to remove the strut bolt at all. 

7 Easy Steps On How To Remove Stuck Strut Bolt

If you don’t know how to remove a struck strut, we will help you. Here we have the easiest method possible. This technique will tell you how to remove a bolt stuck in the bushing and how to loosen a tight bolt. 

Yes, the process to do both is exactly the same. So, go through our discussion of how to remove a stuck bolt and get your problems easily fixed. But before jumping into the main process, collect these strut bolt removal tools:

  • Wrench
  • Electric grinder
  • Flat-headed screwdriver
  • Blade 
  • Heating torch
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill

After you have collected these 7 tools, you can start right away.

Step 1: Clear Out The Obstructions

Make sure there is noting around the bolt. The process itself is quite tricky. Any extra obstruction can make it harder for you. So, properly clean the control arm and the whole area of the bolt. Do some scrapping before proceeding to the next step. 

Step 2: Removing The Mounting Bolt

Now you have to get the mounting bolt out. You can easily do that with a wrench. Hold the bolt tightly with the wrench and rotate it clockwise. This will easily unscrew the bolt.  

Step 3: Loosening The Cam Bolts

Now deal with the cam bolts. Cam bolts hold the control arm to the actual frame of the truck. Loosen it using a wrench. Now the control arm is completely loose.

Step 4: Cutting An Opening In The Metal Aspect

Now cut the metal aspect of the strut. In this case, use an electric grinder to do the cutting. You will need to cut a small opening on the metal just above the strut bolt.

Step 5: Getting Inside

In this step, we will guide you to the strut bolt. Insert a screwdriver in the opening you just cut and peen it down. Now pry on that metal part. You are basically separating that metal part from the strut. 

Here your goal is to reach the rubber bushing that is inside. You will have to cut this rubber bushing.

Step 6: Heating The Metal Sleeve

Once the metal bushing is out of the way you will be exposed to a metal sleeve. Heat up this metal sleeve using a heating torch. Heating will expand the surface area of the metal sleeve and loosen its grip on the bolt.

Step 7: Removing The Strut Bolt

After the metal sleeve is heated up, take off the screw that is holding the other side of the strut bolt. Then keep hammering that side till the strut bolt comes out completely. You may need to use a drill machine in case hammering doesn’t work.

After that, you are done. The struth bolt isn’t stuck anymore and is completely removed. If hammering or drilling don’t seem to work, heat up the metal sleeve more before hammering again.


How do I remove a stripped bolt head?

You can easily remove a stripped bolt head following this method:
1. Take a blowtorch
2. Heat up the bolt
3. Hammer the bolt head till it comes out

Which way loosens a bolt?

A standard bolt will loosen up if you turn it to the left side. It means you have to rotate a bolt counterclockwise if you want to loosen it up. 

Is counterclockwise right or left?

Counterclockwise or anti-clockwise is the rotation towards “left”. So if you are standing in front of a screw and rotate it to the left, you are basically rotating the screw counterclockwise.  

Does wd40 loosen bolts?

Yes, WD-40 penetrant spray is quite effective to loosen bolts. It mainly provides deep lubrication that loosens up the screws. And this works within 15 minutes.

How do you remove a rusted bolt without a head?

You can properly remove a rusted bolt without a head following this simple method:
1. Put on an eye protection shield first
2. Bind a fastener to the rusted bolt
3. Strike the head of the fastener forcefully with a hammer
4. Try to remove the fastener after you are done removing the headless screw

Can I remove the stuck spark plug from the aluminum head?

Final Words:

Cutting a stuck strut bolt and replacing it with a new one can cost you around $50. Getting a mechanic to do this will easily cost you $50 more. In addition to this, you may not always have access to a new strut bolt everywhere.

So what is your best option? Yes, you got it right. Just remove the stuck strut bolt and reattach it again. It will save you the extra bucks. So give our method a go. Leave a comment if you have any confusion. 

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