How To Improve Gas Mileage On 5.7 Tundra [3 Tips to Improve]

The fuel economy suffers. The EPA-estimated fuel economy of a 5.7 tundra is 13 miles per gallon(MPG) in the city, 17 MPG on the highway, and 14 MPG in combined city and highway. If you own a 5.7 tundra, you may wonder how to improve gas mileage on 5.7 tundra.

Well, there is no silver bullet solution to enhance the gas mileage of your vehicle. However, there are many ways to accelerate the mileage per gallon of your vehicle. Following some simple steps altogether might increase 3 to 4 mpg.

improve gas mileage on 5.7 tundra

You have to be concerned about your driving habits which mean driving speed, usage of gas, and brake pedals to save your fuel. Besides, maintaining your vehicle regularly and modifying certain parts will give you better mileage. 

Following the steps below will save fuel economy and thus benefit the environment by less carbon emission on the air.

How To Improve Gas Mileage On 5.7 Tundra [By Driving Efficiently]

How you drive significantly impacts the fuel efficiency not only of your tundra but also for other vehicles too. So, while driving, follow the below tips that will improve the gas mileage.

1. Don’t Be Rude To The Pedals

Aggressively pressing the brake pedal, gas pedal, or accelerating the speed increases gas burning. This type of poor driving negatively impacts fuel efficiency between 15% to 30%. Be gentle with your tundra to save the gas. 

2. Limit Your Driving Speed

The optimal speed for fuel economy is between 45 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour. When you exceed the vehicle speed your vehicle will burn extra gas that decreases the mileage per hour.

limit your driving speed

You can save 7% to 14% percent fuel by slowing down. Hence, think twice about your fuel economy while driving faster.

3. Do Not Overload Your Tundra

Carrying extra loads affects fuel efficiency. For extra 100 pounds, the gas mileage reduces by 1%.

do not overload your tundra

When you leave home, be precious about what you need and what you do not while traveling. Take only the things you need on the way. 

“Use Cruise Control (When Appropriate)”

Improve your mileage per gallon up to 14% by efficiently using cruise control especially, on uneven terrain.

How to Improve Gas Mileage on Toyota tundra [By Maintenance]

A few regular maintenance may improve your gas mileage in your tundra. The Maintainance is:

1. Turn The Engine Off

According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), an idle vehicle with an active engine burns one gallon of gas per hour.

turn the engine off

Therefore, turn off your tundra engine if you pause for more than 10 seconds to save your fuel economy.

2. Adjust The PSI Of Your Tire And Tires Alignment

The engine needs to work harder to move under-inflated tires that reduce fuel efficiency. The approximate optimal PSI of tundra is around 26 for front tires and 29 for back tires.

adjust the psi of your tire and tires alignment

Hence, a little maintenance like checking and adjusting the PSI of your tundra’s tire will improve the gas mileage.

Check your tire with a tire pressure gauge very often to ensure that the tires are properly inflated, which will save up to 10%fuel economy. Additionally, inspect that the tires are aligned properly. Unaligned tires drop mileage per gallon as well since the tires drag instead of rolling. 

3. Change The Sparking Plugs

If you notice a sudden drop in your vehicle’s mileage, you probably have a misfiring spark plug. According to The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, misfiring plugs reduces up to 30% of fuel economy.

 change the sparking plugs

Just keep your eyes open while driving your tundra. If notice misfiring, simply change the spark plug.

4. Differential Fluid

You may find that your track is not giving the exact mileage recently. It might be because of your differential oil.

differential fluid

Although your vehicle manual suggested changing the differential fuel after driving 30,000 miles, you should consider changing it as early as 20,000 miles. Changing your differential oil will also give you better gas mileage. 

How To Get Better Gas Mileage On Tundra [By Modifying Vehicle Parts]

Well-maintenance along with driving habits will improve fuel economy. Besides, additional vehicle modification will help to increase mileage. Additional modifications to your tundra cost some extra dollars. Nevertheless, it is worth the price considering the long-term benefits of improved mileage per gallon.

1. Upgrade Air Filter

Upgrading the air filter is one of the ways to improve the mpg. Cold air intake is one of the best aftermarket parts at an affordable price. Cold Air Intake provides better airflow than the factory-installed filter. Better airflow causes better engine performance; better performance means better MPG.

upgrade air filter

Not only do cold air intake filters improve engine performance, but it is economically sustainable as well. Unlike factory air intake, you can clean and reuse it even after 25,000 miles.CIA accelerates 20% of the engine’s power during combustion as well. 

2. Vacuum Gauge

A vacuum gauge does not directly save fuel economy. Yet, it will help you instantly monitor how efficiently you are using your fuel by monitoring the manifold vacuum.

vacuum gauge

The parts have dials to show how well you are driving considering fuel economy. It will help to maintain gauge pressure efficiently. You will learn how to improve tundra gas mileage by monitoring the gauge dial feedback regularly.

3. Fluid Modifications

Types of fluid play a vital role in improving gas mileage. Synthetic oil has more stability according to temperature fluctuation.

fluid modifications

It is thinner compared to others. Although synthetic oils are a bit expensive based on their longevity and stability it is worth the cost. Synthetic oil enhances engine performance which leads to improved mileage per gallon. 


How often should I schedule for servicing 5.7 tundra?

It is recommended to schedule servicing for your track every  5000 miles or once in every six months.

What is PSI?

PSI is Pound per Square Inches- the measurement unit of the tire’s air pressure. 

Is it mandatory to upgrade the air filter for recently purchased tundra?

It is not mandatory. The factory-made air filter will work fine. However, as time passes, upgrading the air filter to cold air intake will give you better mileage. 

Wrapping up

Drops of water make the ocean, but a single drop alone does not make any difference. Similarly, when you individually follow each step, it will not make a big difference.

When you follow all or at least 70% of the above instructions, you might save 3 to 4 mileage per gasoline of your tundra. Let’s save fuel economy. Happy driving with your 5.7 tundras… 

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