How To Clean Brake Fluid Easily: Tested & Explained

When the brake fluid will remarkably lose its oil, then you will get to see the abrupt loss of hydraulic pressure. Turns out, the braking ability will significantly go away. If you follow some precautions and know how to clean brake fluid, then you can secure you and your vehicle both.

The most common type of brake fluids are Glycol-ether-based fluids and they stay in nature in hygroscopic form. That being said, they are soluble and absorb moisture.

By the way, different brake fluids have different boiling points as well. The best part of them is that more or less every type of brake fluid has the ability to sustain 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

clean the brake fluid

Here is the important noticeable fact is- humidity is the main culprit that contaminates the fluid. Turns out, it reduces the boiling point again, there the process of moisture concentration helps to do so. 

The Cleaning Methods Of Brake Fluid

Cleaning one’s brake fluid is somewhat impossible when you move on to the wrong process. One of the consequences is the clutch will be acting up since it would be drained by itself.

However, many of you have tried to purge fluid but won’t purge. Because the fluid will go away using different techniques (We will tell all of them). 

How To Clean Brake Fluid From Concrete

Commonly, brake fluid is washed away from water but for the driveway, there is a different way. In that case, you will need to bring a few products.

clean brake fluid from concrete

We recommend you use baking soda which is inexpensive, causes no harm, and is easy to remove the oil stains. 

Follow These Process: 

Step 1: Pour baking soda into the spilled place and keep it for a while so that it may be absorbed. Afterward, rinse the place well using clean water.

Step 2: Now again, use some baking soda just for the stained area (If it remains there). Afterward, use a wet brush and thoroughly scrub the area. The wet brush will work here as a brake fluid stain removal.

How To Remove Brake Fluid Stain From Paint

When the fluid sits on the paint, it takes the least effort to remove it. However, the time length is a factor here. The more time it will sit on the paint the more hassle and the more damage will cause.

remove brake fluid stain from paint

Step 1: Use a towel paper and instead of wiping or rubbing just soak up as much fluid you can. Finally, gently press the towel or lightly blot it up 

Step 2: Wash your car ASAP and a wet rag or sponge seems handy to do so. 

Step 3: Now pour lots of water and flush well to neutralize or stop the corrosive effects. By the way, you can follow this process: 

Brake Fluid Safety Precautions

No matter what types of brake fluid you are using (Dot 3 or4), over time it will leak and trickle into many places of your vehicle.

However, the following safety precautions will save your gut for sure. 

  • Make sure, your kids will not roam around
  • The fluid is harmful for eyes and skin both so avoid any contact
  • If anyone of you swallowed the fluid then must seek medical help ASAP
  • Always try to store the fluid in its container and always fasten the cap
  • Store the container in a dry, clean, and a place free from dampness
  • Don’t ever reuse the leaked fluid to the braking system
  • There are couple of types of brake fluids starting from Dot 3/4/5 stick to anyone of them
  • Use the suitable Dot type or brake fluid for your vehicle


Does brake fluid stain clothes?

Thankfully, the stain is easy to remove when you use the pressure washer and clean it thoroughly using a lot of water. It is because the fluid particle is soluble and does not need to use tons of soaping elements. 

Does brake fluid leave a stain?

Yes, it does. But it leaves stains when the fluid leaks out and is visible to us. Leaked breaks sound dangerous and you should repair them ASAP. 

How toxic is brake fluid?

The brake fluid has the amazing power to withstand at higher boiling points and the alcohol diethylene glycol element is making it that much power. By the way, having this quality makes it toxic, colorless, odorless, and sweet-tasting. Hence, if you swallow it then this would be life-threatening.

How do you clean brake fluid off a driveway?

Baking soda is a great way to remove stains from a driveway. Also, use warm water while using it. So, pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda along with a cup of water then lightly rub the area.

Should I change brake fluid regularly?

End Note

Your automotive brake will be acting up once you won’t clean the brake fluid. Besides, it is not welcoming for your vehicle.

No matter what type of fluid you are using either Dot 3 or Dot 4, they all cause leaking and trickling down.

We have discerned a few ways and once you are applying then all of your worries will go away. Last but not the least, don’t be forgetful to abide by following all the precautions, we’ve mentioned in this 

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