How to Change A Tire On A Single Axle Travel Trailer Like A Professional

Planning for a trip this summer with your friends or family? 

It’s exciting! Moreover, it’s adventurous to drive on a quiet road with a Single Axle travel trailer while listening to the music. 


But suddenly HISS !!! The tire of the trailer got flat. We know it won’t take much time to swing your exciting mood to a stressful one. 

However, here we can declare, if you know how to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer, it won’t be a big deal to face the situation.

No one knows what is awaiting ahead of us. Therefore, before heading towards the road on your single axle travel trailer, you might consider learning how to change a tire on a pop-up camper. And it would be wise to carry the handy equipment in your toolbox. 

6 Necessary Tools to Change A tire on A Single Axle Travel Trailer

You need to keep the following tools with you when you wish to change a tire yourself:


The first tool you need to lift the trailer is a Jack. Most of the travel trailer has dedicated space for the toolbox. There are different types of jacks. Bottle jacks, Scissor Jacks, and floor jacks are the most commonly used jacks. 

Here, you should know all about them so that you can keep the right one with you. 

Bottle Jacks:

The average height of a bottle jack is 1 foot. Its weight is around 18 lbs with a capacity of loading 40,000 lbs.

Scissor Jacks:

The average weight of scissor jacks is 6.3 lbs or around 3 kg with a loading capacity of 3,300 lbs weight. Although scissor jacks are easily portable due to their weight, remember it’s unreliable for loading heavyweights.

Floor Jacks:

Floor jacks are best if you are at home. It can lift faster and heavier goods due to its dual hydraulic pumps. However, it is not handy while moving around.

Considering handiness and lifting capacity, we would recommend you to have a bottle jack. Though its weight is 18 Ibs, its loading capacity is awesome and reliable. 

Hubcap Remover

Hubcap remover is a handy tool. But it’s not mandatory to have one. If your trailer tires have hubcaps, it might be helpful. Hubcap remover tools are designed with a soft rubber piece to remove the hubcaps without damaging or scratching those. 

This tool helps remove hubcaps faster. Nevertheless, if you are inexperienced and aggressively plugging and unplugging, the tool might cause scratches on the cap. Therefore, it would be better to use your hands to put the hubcap back on the tire.

Lug Wrench

A lug wrench is the most important and common piece of equipment in the toolbox. The lug wrenches are in different sizes. It is necessary to match the size of the lug wrench with the lug nuts.

The grips of lug wrenches for the nuts might loosen over time due to the fixed casting nut grips. Therefore, having an extra lug wrench with you will be a smart decision. Besides, you should check the lug wrenches before packing the toolbox.

Spare Tire

How could you replace the flat tire if you don’t have a spare tire? Before starting the tour, you should ensure that you have a spare tire the same size as the current one. 

If you don’t have one in the trailer, you must buy one before heading for the trip. Inspect the tire for cracks, leaks, or damage in any way. Adjust the air pressure and the PSI of the tire

Piece of Wood

Taking pieces of wood is not mandatory. But it is a good choice so that you don’t have to wander around in the middle of nowhere to find one. Sometimes the jack alone might not be enough to lift the trailer high enough. The blocks of wood will be the extra support to levitate the trailer. 

You may carry a 4X4 block of wood, some 2X4 blocks, or a ½ inches plywood to adjust the height. Besides, you may check your jack’s maximum capacity of lifting and have wood blocks accordingly.

Wheel Chocks

It will be difficult to change the tire, without stabilizing your trailer. Wheel chocks are not only beneficial for replacing the tire but also for securing the trailer during camping. 

You should stabilize the trailer even before placing the jack to avoid any kind of accident or complication.

How To Change A Tire On A Single Axle Travel Trailer In 5 Simple Steps

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer:

Step-1: Secure the Trailer

Before starting to change the tire, you must know how to stabilize a single axle travel trailer. Your trailer may be on a steep or uneven surface. Nonetheless, try to secure the trailer in a comparative flat ground before starting to change the tire. 

Stabilize the trailer with the wheel chocks. Place the wheel chocks on the opposite side of the trailer to secure it properly. Lower the trailer, untow your tow vehicle, and make sure its parking brake is on. 

Step-2: Remove the Hubcap

Take off the hubcap with the hubcap remover. Place the instrument behind the cap and slowly pull it out.

Step-3: Loosens the Lug Nuts

Loosens the lug nuts, but don’t take it out. Otherwise, the tire will be out of control before jacking it up.

Step-4: Jacking up a Single Axle Trailer

How to jack up a travel trailer to change a tire?  

Well, it’s pretty easy. Place the jack on top of the wooden blocks underneath the trailer to adjust the height. Put a piece of wood on top of the jack too. Hence, it does not push the frame directly. 

Carefully locate the jack on the frame, not on the suspension for avoiding damage to the trailer. Stop levitating the trailer when the tire is off the ground and you can turn it. 

Step:5- Install the Spare Tire

Take out all the lug nuts, take off the flat tire, and replace the spare one. Subsequently, put on the lug nuts. 

Lower the jacks and then tighten the lug nuts with the lug wrench. Install the hubcap back with your hands. Try not to use the hubcap remover. The tool might damage the shining cap. Now your trailer is ready to go.

Safety Tips

  1. If you get a flat tire on a busy road especially on the highway, locate your trailer away from the road. If it is in a steep place double check that you stabilized the trailer properly before starting to work.
  2. While placing the jack on the pieces of wood, inspect that the whole stack of woods and the setting isn’t unstabilized.
  3. You might practice changing the tires at home to avoid any complications. It will also help you to learn


What is the difference between a single axle and a dual axle travel trailer?

The difference is in their name. The single axle trailer has a single axle and the dual has a double. Trailers with one set of wheels are single axle trailers and trailers with two sets of wheels are dual axle trailers.

How to change a tire On a dual axle travel trailer?

Since the only difference between a single axle and dual axle travel trailer is the number of axles, you can follow the above instruction to change the tire on a dual-axle travel trailer.

Is it safe to change the tire by myself?

Yes, it is safe. However, you should practice to master it.  

How to remove a hubcap without using the tool?

If your hubcap has holes you can use a towel or clothes to remove it. Just put the towel or the piece of clothes around the holes and slowly pull it out.

Can I load my flat non-running car on a toy dolly? 

Though it’s tough, you can load your flat non-running car on a toy dolly.

Final Thoughts

Replacing a tire on a single axle travel trailer is not rocket science, nor is it as easy as it might seem. It may take time to change the tire as a professional. 

However, prepare yourself to change a tire on a single axle travel trailer before heading towards the road, who knows when your tire might get flat. 

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