How To Bypass Power Window Switch [3 Easy Steps]

Your power window switch gets damaged and you can’t move the window up or down as it gets stuck. It takes two-three days to get the new switch. But you need to raise the window up or down while driving the car. 

The only way you can tackle this situation is to bypass the switch until the new switch comes. And this guide will show exactly the three steps to let you learn how to bypass the power window switch. So, keep reading between the lines. 

power window switch

How To Bypass Power Window Switch [3 Easy Steps]

Follow the three simple steps to bypass the window switch to move the stuck window up and down. 

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1. Take Off The Trim Piece Of The Window

Start with taking off the trim piece of the window. In this case, you can use a screwdriver or a plastic trim tool to do that task. If you use a screwdriver, make sure you don’t poke a hole in the interior or mar up the trim piece. 

2. Remove The Plug Or Connector From the Motor

Once you pull out the trim piece, unscrew the switch from it. To do that, you need to remove the plug or connector from the window regulator motor. The way these window motors work is there is a DC motor. To move the window up and down, they reverse the polarity. 

In short, they have hot and ground wiring to the motors. The hot becomes the ground and the ground becomes hot in to reverse direction. 

The two wires that control the motor are the thick gauge red and silver wire on one side of the plug, and the thick gauge green and silver wire on the opposing side of the plug. Those are the two wires that go to the driver’s side window. 

3. Bypass The Power Window Switch

To bypass the switch and manually control the window, we are bypassing the relays that click the window off once it’s maximum in one direction or the maximum in the other direction. The window regulator motor will still run even though the window is all the way up. 

So, it’s up to you to stop it when it’s done. 

We are going to use a 12-volt battery. On the left side of the plug, one of the wires is into the red and silver terminal and the other one into the green and silver terminal. 

When you put the other end of the wire into the green & silver terminal, the window starts coming down. Now, switch the ground in hot to move the window up. Thus, how do we bypass the power window switch? 

How To Reset Power Window Switch

Many modern cars have the automatic window function to open or close car windows. If you replace the battery, some of the cars lose this automatic feature. In this case, you should reset the power window switch to let it function again. 

And the following steps will help you recalibrate the automatic window function. 

  • Set the power key to the on position, which will ensure power goes to the window.
  • Keep the window closed. 
  • Move the window completely down and press the auto button for 10 seconds. Then, raise the window up and hold the auto button again for another 10 seconds.
  • Finally, raise the window up and down using the auto function to ensure you re-calibrate the window successfully. 


We recommend you bookmark this guide as it will help you bypass the power window switch. It doesn’t take long if you follow the steps we mentioned. Just make sure you have a 12-volt battery and a plastic trim tool at your fingertips. 

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