How To Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key [Explained]

If you know how to bypass Ford PATS system without key, you can use it as a temporary solution until you get a new transponder key. Bypassing the Ford PATS system isn’t difficult once you learn what PATS is and how it works. 

You’ll also learn how to disable the PATS system, reset PATS, program a new key, and the common symptoms of a failed PATS module in this article. Let’s see how you can bypass Ford PATS and start your car.

 how to bypass Ford PATS system without key
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What Is Ford PATS?

The PATS system in Ford vehicles stands for Passive Anti Theft System. It was created as a security measure to prevent Ford vehicles from being stolen by thieves or criminals.

It was developed first in 1996 and since then, many Ford vehicles have incorporated the PATS in the vehicles. However, not all models of Ford after 1996 have a PATS.

The PATS sends a message to the car when the first or original Ford Key is inserted in the vehicle. The system will know if any other key is inserted instead of the original one. It distinguishes between original and fake keys.

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How Does Ford PATS Work?

There is an RFID chip inside the Ford Key. This RFID chip communicates with the transponder in the steering column of the Ford vehicle. Each RFID code is unique and made for a specific Ford vehicle.

PATS is also called Ford Securilock. When you insert the key in the ignition, the theft light displays momentarily to activate PATS. While the PCM powers the injectors and fuel pump, PATS determines whether the key you’ve inserted is indeed a real one.

When you put another key instead of the original one, it won’t have the RFID chip and it won’t communicate with the transponder. That’s how the system will know that you’re not using the original key and it won’t start the car or turn over the engine.

How To Bypass Ford PATS System Without Key [Known A-Z]

Now that you know how the Ford PATS works, you’ll require the original key’s RFID chip to bypass Ford PATS without key. Without the signal from it, your car won’t start.

The original key is often called the transponder key or chip key. Even if you don’t have the original key, you’ll need the RFID chip from it. You’d also need to make copies of the chip key so that it can go into your ignition.

So, here’s a list of the tools you’ll need to get the job done:

  • New Keys – These keys have to be cut to match the original key with the chip.
  • Flathead Screwdriver – You need it to take out the RFID chip from the main key.
  • Tape – It’s needed to mount the chip close to the ignition.

Before we get started on how to bypass the Ford PATS system without a chip key, you must realize that bypassing the Ford PATS is only a temporary solution and it compromises the security of the car.

Get a transponder key as soon as possible to secure your vehicle again for protection against car burglars. Without that said, let’s look at how to bypass the pats system on Fords in simple steps:

Step 1: Cut The New Keys

The new keys that you have just got must match the original key. Take it to a dealer and have them cut the new keys so that their match matches the main key as much as possible. Once it matches the shape of the original chip key, it’ll trick the system into thinking that you have the right key.

Now the system thinks that you have the right key but you still don’t have the chip to bypass the PATS system. That’s where the screwdriver comes into play.

Step 2: Remove the Transponder

Once you have the RFID chip in addition to a matching key, you’re all set to bypass Pats systems on your Ford vehicle. If you take out the transponder from the original key with the chip undamaged, you will have everything you need to bypass the Ford PATS. Follow these steps to take out the chip from the key:

  • Use a flathead screwdriver and pry open the black square at the top of the key.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to avoid breaking the chip.
  • Take out the transponder from the original key.

Once you have the transponder with you, you’re all set to bypass the PATS security on Ford.

Step 3: Bypass PATS

With the new keys that are cut to match the original key and the transponder from the original key, you can bypass the Ford PATS system easily with the following steps:

  • Put the transponder close to the ignition so that the vehicle can read the chip.
  • Insert the new key in the ignition and start the car.
  • It may require a few tries for you to figure out where to place the transponder so that it can be easily read.
  • Once you have identified the correct spot, mount the transponder on the ignition using the tape.

Now, you have successfully bypassed the Ford PATs and you can continue to do so for as long as you want. But if you leave the transponder there, anyone with a key can steal your car.

You can get a new key and also program it to start your car. You’ll learn how to program the key later in this article after we discuss how you can disable the Ford PATS.

Advantages Of Bypassing Ford PATS

The main advantage of bypassing the Ford PATS is that you can drive your car. Here is the list of other advantages that you’ll get if  you know how to bypass the ford transponder key on your own:

Cost Savings

Getting a new transponder key and programming it can easily cost between $80- $200. But you can bypass PATS for a fraction of that cost and use your car.

Easy Process

You don’t need a ton of expertise on car parts to perform the bypassing procedure. Just the knowledge of this article will be enough for you to get the job done.

Disadvantages Of Bypassing Ford PATS

Here are the disadvantages of bypassing Ford PATs:

Compromises Security

The biggest downside to bypassing Ford PATS is that it increases the security threat of your car. By eliminating the need for the transponder, anyone with the key has the ability to steal the car.

Temporary Fix

Bypassing the PATS is only a temporary fix to the real problem of car theft. Use it in an emergy situation where you need a workaround but as soon as you can afford to get a new transponder key, get it and protect your car from theft.

How To Disable The Ford PATS System?

Disabling the Ford PATS increases the security risk and it’s not recommended. But if you are keen on doing it, here’s how you can disable the Ford PATS:

Wrap Wire Around The Key

Wrap a standard wire around the key and use tape to make sure that it stays there. You’ll need a key that has a transponder to make sure it can communicate with the PATS module.

Connect To The Module

Most Ford vehicles have the PATS module placed behind the steering wheel. You can easily access it and look for a wire that connects to the ignition. That’s the wire that powers the transponder and sends a signal to the PATS module to start the car.

Fix The Wiring

Now the Ford PATS has been disabled. But you don’t want to drive around like this as it’ll look sketchy. Make the wiring look as normal as possible in case you get pulled over by a cop.

Main Signs Of A Failed PATS Module

When your car doesn’t start, it can be frustrating to determine the root cause of the problem. The problem can be with the PATS module or the ignition. If you know how to check a failed PATS module, you need to resolve that issue first.

Here are the main signs of a failed PATS module:

Flashing Theft Light

The theft light will constantly blink if you put in a key that the vehicle doesn’t recognize. In that case, you can get the key programmed and start your vehicle. The flashing theft light is the main sign of a failed PATS module.

If you put a key that is programmed for the vehicle, the theft light will stop flashing and stay solid for a few seconds. Then, it will go away and the light will flash when you take out the key from the ignition.

Engine Doesn’t Crank

If the engine doesn’t crank along with the flashing theft light, then you have more reason to believe that the PATS module is malfunctioning. In some cases, the engine will crank alright but the car won’t start if there is a failing PATS.

Stalling Engine

If the engine stalls immediately within one or two seconds after you start the car, there could be an issue with the PATS module.

Before you tear down the ignition, know you know how you can check whether the PATS module is malfunctioning. If you can start the car by solving or getting around the PATS, there are no mechanical issues with your car.

How To Reset Ford PATS Module

Resetting Ford PATS system is easy if you know what you’re doing. The good thing is that you don’t even need to get into the vehicle or start the ignition to do this job. Follow these steps to reset the PATS on your Ford vehicle:

  • Put your key in the driver’s side door.
  • Turn the key but make sure that you don’t turn them enough to unlock the door completely.
  • Hold the key in this position for 50-60 seconds.
  • Turn the key towards the opposite side.
  • Hold the key for 50-60 seconds in this position as well.
  • Take the key out, get in your car and start the engine.

Your PATS module should be reset. Keep in mind that the reason for this problem is that the PATS module is sensitive to time and it won’t work if you don’t do it within 50-60 seconds.

How To Program Keys In PATS Module?

For the Ford vehicles that were made after 2010, you need to take them to a dealer or locksmith as there are legal issues surrounding them. But for the models that were made before 2010, you can program the keys using scanning tools like Forscan or Solus Edge.

Here’s how you can program new keys once you plug the Solus Edge scanner into your vehicle:

  • Scan the device and allow automatic ID.
  • Select the “Anti-Theft (PATS)” option.
  • Choose “Functional Tests” followed by “Security Access”.
  • It’ll take ten minutes for security access.
  • Once the wait is over, you get a wide range of options including “Program Additional Key”.
  • Make sure you have the right key and place it in the ignition.
  • Press “Continue” and your new key is now programmed.


Do all Ford vehicles have PATS?

Most Ford vehicles that were made after 1996 have PATS. Even though the majority of the Ford vehicles in running have PATS, not all Ford vehicles come with this security system.

Is PATS a reliable security system?

PATS is an innovative technology to secure cars against theft. There are more than 18 billion codes possible and the PATS system recognizes the correct one. It’s one of the most reliable security systems for cars without any doubt.

Can I add an anti-theft system to my Ford vehicles?

If your car doesn’t have an anti-theft system in place already, you can install one. There’s a wide range of options to choose from between $100- $300 but you can’t do PATS as those come pre-built from Fords.

Which Ford vehicles are most commonly stolen?

Ford Mustang has a high resell value and they are the most commonly stolen Ford vehicles. That’s why having a functional PATS in place becomes even more valuable if you own a Ford Mustang.


Now you know how to bypass Ford PATS system without key in a few easy steps. The PATS is a great security measure against theft and useful for many car owners.

We hope this guide has helped you understand all about the PATS system, how it works, and how you can disable and reset it. Let us know if you have any questions about the PATS by leaving a comment below.

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