Fuel Pump Getting Power But Not Working [3 Easy Solutions]

The fuel pump getting power but not working! If you experience this problem, you are not alone in this world. Several reasons like a plug for the pump losing its springiness, issues with the return side of the circuit, and faulty fuel pump motors are responsible for this problem. 

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to solve those issues. Plus, we will also discuss: 

  • What can cause fuel pump failure? 
  • How to check if the fuel pump is getting power?

So, stay in tune with us till the end. 

Fuel Pump Getting Power But Not Working [3 Easy Solutions]

Let’s check out those culprits that cause the fuel pump to get no power. 

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1. Plug For The Pump May Lose Its Springiness

The fuel pump has a plug or connector end. Generally, they come in spade or pin style. But the heck is- the female ends tend to lose their springiness over time. Consequently, they get bent a little and don’t make good contact. 

What happens then is- the fuel pump won’t get the voltage output it requires to turn though the multimeter test says there is power. 


I recommend you jab the pointy ends of the leads before testing. To do so, you should first separate the leads from the plastic house of the plug. Just slide out the leads by releasing the plastic tabs. 

Then, clean those leads and squash them a little bit using some gentle plier pressure.

Now, they will make good contact and deliver the power the fuel pump requires. If it doesn’t bring any luck for you, you should find a new connector end, which you can find in auto parts stores. 

2. Problem With The Return Side Of The Circuit

A few cars control the fuel pump operation on the return side of the circuit. If there is a problem with the return side of the circuit, the fuel pump won’t work even though it gets power. 


You can’t firmly say that the return side of the circuit is at fault unless you inspect it electrically. To test the circuit, you should have a multimeter. Then, watch this tutorial and learn how to test the ground connections.

If both sides (the wire leading to the fuel pump and the ground connection) give voltage on them, I bet the return side of the circuit is at fault. You should hire an electrician to fix this electrical issue.  

3. Fuel Pump Motor Is At Fault

A healthy fuel pump should give a reading of 12VDC. It will run when it gets this amount of voltage. But the heck is- the motor is to tend binding and the amperage in the circuit is not sufficient to turn the motor. 

If you connect the fuel pump motor directly to the battery, it will spin. But the real test is when the motor will run on a circuit designed for it. If the circuit is good, you must replace the fuel pump motor. 


If you want the fuel pump to get power, you should replace the defective fuel pump motor. Alternatively, you can call a certified mechanic to do this task for you if you are not mechanically inclined. 

What Can Cause A Fuel Pump To Not Get Power

Several reasons are responsible for cutting power to your fuel pump. Below, we will disclose the culprits that cause the fuel pump to get no power. 

Electrical Issues

If you get no electric power to your fuel pump, our first suspicion goes to the electricals of the vehicle. For example, fuses for the main EFI, fuel pump, and ignition may get blown out. These can cut off the electric power to the fuel pump. 

Faulty Ignition Circuit

A defective ignition circuit of your car can also be a caveat. Basically, the ignition circuit consists of a few components like an ignition switch, fuel pump, and relay. If there is a problem with those components or an issue with the wiring, the fuel pump will receive no power. 

Bad Fuel Pump Relay

A bad fuel pump relay also causes the fuel pump to get no power. The fuel pump relay may go bad for several reasons. An electrical power surge is one of them that increases voltage, which can burn out the contacts. As a result, the fuel pump receives no power. 

How To Check If The Fuel Pump Is Getting Power

Go along with these steps to learn how to check the fuel pump:

  • Locate the fuel pump wires. You can find more than two wires there. The thicker wires are for the fuel pump. 
  • The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank and it’s best tested with the connector left on and with a paperclip inserted into the connector.
  • Click one of the meters that leads to a good earth point and crank the engine over. You can see the battery voltage at the live wire and less than half a volt at the negative wire. If you don’t see battery voltage at the live wire, check the wiring and relays. 
  • You must replace the fuel pump if the voltage is correct. 

Note: You can watch this tutorial that will help you to learn how to test the fuel pump: 


What sends power to the fuel pump?

The fuel pump relay sends power to the fuel pump. It is an electrical device that directs currents to the fuel pump and ensures the pump gets sufficient power for functioning properly. 

What sensor controls the fuel pump?

The fuel tank pressure sensor controls the fuel pump. It’s mounted on top of the tank or inside the tank. 

Can a fuse cause a fuel pump not to work?

Yes, a blown-out fuel pump fuse can cause a fuel pump to not work as it prevents electrical power from reaching the fuel pump. 

Can the ignition switch affect the fuel pump?

An ignition switch provides electrical power to the fuel pump and the ignition system momentarily when you set it in the cranking position. If it gets defective, it will cut off power to the fuel pump. 


It’s really frustrating if the fuel pump is getting power but it doesn’t work. And without a functioning fuel pump, you can’t start the vehicle. Fortunately, we broke down what causes this issue and how you can fix it.

So, follow the troubleshooting steps and bring the fuel pump back into working condition. 

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