Fel Pro One Piece Oil Pan Gasket Leaking [3 Easy Solutions]

Why is my Fel Pro One piece Oil Pan Gasket Leaking? Well, this oil pan gasket or gaskets from other brands is generally leaking due to their age. Over time, the gasket gets worn out, and oil starts leaking from there. 

Therefore, choosing the wrong size gasket, over-tightening the oil pan bolts, and gasket design issues are some reasons that cause the Fel-Pro oil pan gasket to leak. 

fel pro one piece oil pan gasket leaking

Before breaking down those issues, we will describe the common symptoms of a leaking oil pan gasket. It will help you detect if the gasket leaks. As a result, you can take action immediately before turning it into a big problem. Without further ado, let’s get started right here. 

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Symptoms

Take a look at the following signs of a leaking oil pan gasket so that you can identify the gasket is leaking and treat it immediately. 

  • Smoke will come out if the gasket goes bad as the leaking oil drops on the exhaust pipes or the manifold. 
  • The engine will get overheated if the oil is leaking from the gasket and the oil level goes below the average level. 
  • An oil stain on your driveway also indicates the oil is leaking out of the oil pan gasket.
  • A burning oil smell is also a symptom of a faulty oil pan gasket.
  • The low oil light will come on, which is an indication of a damaged oil pan gasket. 

Fel Pro One Piece Oil Pan Gasket Leaking [3 Easy Solutions]

Fel Pro One Piece Oil Pan Gasket is leaking for several reasons. Choosing the wrong size fel-pro gasket, over-tightening the oil pan bolts, and a design issue are some culprits that cause the Fel Pro gasket to leak.  

Here, we will break down each of them. So, keep scrolling. 

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1. Get the Wrong Size Fel Pro Gasket

If the gasket you get from Fel Pro is leaking, our first suspicion goes to the wrong size gasket. Yes, it’s the main caveat that causes the gasket to leak. 

In 1975, Chevy changed the front seal radius on the oil pan for a thick front seal. Following this, all service pans manufactured from 1975 increased seal radius. And every service pan came with a thick front seal. 

Fel Pro produces gaskets both for the pan manufactured in 1974 and 1975. If you mistakenly choose the wrong size gasket, it doesn’t fit the oil pan. Consequently, the oil is leaking from the gasket. 

How To Fix:

Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue by changing the Fel Pro one-piece oil pan gasket that is leaking with the right one. In this case, you just need to measure the front seal radius on the pan. 

  • Flip the oil pan upside-down on a flat surface.
  • Take the measurement from the surface to 12 o’clock on the seal radius. 
  • If it’s 2-1/4″, the oil pan needs the early thin seal. Otherwise, you should go with the later thick seal if the seal radius measures 2-3/8″. 

2. Over Tighten the Oil Pan Bolts

Over-tightening the oil pan bolts can also cause the fel-pro gasket to leak. When you over-tighten the bolts, the gasket will squeeze out the edges of the oil pan.

In some cases, the gasket gets cracked or distorted. As a result, the oil is leaking out of the gasket.

How To Fix:

Torque the oil pan bolts to the spec and walk away. You can find it in the service manual. Generally, the spec for oil pan bolts is 8lb-ft.

Keep in mind, that you should leave the damaged gasket and replace it with a new one. Then, install the gasket and tighten up the oil pan bolts according to the spec. 

3. Design Issue

Yes, there is a design issue with the Fel-Pro Oil Pan Gasket. If you take your eyes off the holes in the gasket, you can easily understand it.

The bolt holes in the gasket are too big. When you install this gasket on aftermarket oil pans, the tiny anti-crush rings will hang into the inside of the pan, and oil leaks right through them. 

How To Fix:

You can easily seal the leak by pulling out the bolts that are leaking. Then, put either ‘Right Stuff’ or silicone in the hole after cleaning the brake. Next, install the bolt again and leave the bolt for several hours to let it sit. 

Alternatively, you can use an alternative to the Fel-Pro one-piece oil pan gasket. There are a lot of gaskets available in the market that are cheaper than Fel-Pro. 

How To Fix Leaking Oil Pan Gasket

Replacing the leaking gasket with a new one is the only solution to fix the oil leaking issue. Follow the below steps that will help you change the oil pan gasket. 

  • Take the drain plug out and drain the oil so that we don’t make a mess. Just put an oil pan on the bottom, pull out the bolt, and the oil starts draining into the oil pan. 
  • Put the drain plug back in its place to stop the oil drip. 
  • Then, unbolt all the bolts that hold the pan in place. We recommend you use a little ratchet with a little socket to unscrew the oil pan bolts. 
  • Once you pull out all the bolts, remove the oil pan. Sometimes, you may need to use a pry bar to take off the oil pan. 
  • Next, remove the old gasket from the oil pan. Scrape away all the dirt, debris, and grease from the oil pan surface. 
  • After cleaning the oil pan surface, put a little sealer around the lip and put the new gasket. Then, leave it for half an hour to dry the sealer so that the gasket won’t slip out. 
  • Finally, put the oil pan back into its place and secure it by fastening the oil pan bolts. 
  • Fill your engine with fresh oil and check the leak before hitting the road. 


Why does my oil pan gasket keep leaking?

A worn-out gasket is the main culprit that causes your oil pan gasket to leak out continuously. Therefore, over-tightening the oil pan bolts can crack the gasket and oil will leak out of it. 

Can you reuse a Fel-Pro one-piece oil pan gasket?

No, you can’t reuse a Fel-Pro one-piece oil pan gasket if it gets leaked or worn out. You should get a new one and replace the gasket to seal the oil pan bolts to avoid oil drippings.

Do Fel-Pro gaskets need sealant?

No, Fel-Pro gaskets need no sealant. They are designed in a way that their proprietary coatings will compensate for the minor imperfections, withstand scrubbing, and deliver the right amount of torque retention. 

Do rubber oil pan gaskets need sealant?

Yes, some molded rubber oil pan gaskets need a sealant to install them on the oil pan surface. You can use RTV as a sealant in this case. Keep in mind, that you shouldn’t use the RTV on the entire gasket. Just use it on the corner of the gasket. 

Should I use a gasket sealer with a gasket?

Yes, you should use a gasket sealer with a gasket as it increases the adhesion. 

Do you put silicone on both sides of a gasket?

No, you shouldn’t put silicone on both sides of a gasket. If you do so, the gasket will slip & slide all over the place. 


Going with the wrong size of Fel-Pro gasket is the main culprit that causes it to leak. So, we suggest you pick the right one that fits your vehicle’s oil pan. Therefore, overtightening the oil pan bolts or a worn-out gasket is responsible for the oil leaking issue. 

You must replace the gasket, no matter what causes the oil pan gasket to leak. So, get a new oil pan gasket and follow the steps we mentioned to replace the gasket successfully. 

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