Engine Blew Oil Everywhere [7 Easy Solutions]

Engine blew oil everywhere is a common problem every vehicle owner encounters now and then. The engine blow-by will occur due to the engine rings or bores getting worn out.

Therefore, a cracked or missing oil filler cap, a leaking valve cover gasket, and a bad O-ring are also responsible for this issue. And we compiled this guide to solve the engine blow-by problem. So, continue to read. 

Engine Blew Oil Everywhere [7 Reasons To Fix]

Here is why your car engine blows oil like crazy and how you deal with this issue. 

1. Engine Rings or Bores Get Worn Out

There is a technical term or another name if the engine blew is knackered. In simple words, the engine rings or bores get worn out. Consequently, there occurs excessive back pressure, forcing the oil from the sump out through a breather pipe. In the worst, the oil comes out from the filler cap. 

Remove the breather pipe and replace it with the same length as a new hose. Then, run the hose into the gallon can and recycle it back into the engine. Keep in mind; it’s a temporary bodge and there is a risk of fire. So, the long-term and safe solution is to replace the engine, which will be an expensive replacement. 

Note: You can also read if high mileage oil causes leaks or not.

2. Oil Filler Cap Is Missing Or It Gets Cracked

Oil exploded underhood! The oil will shoot out under the hood if the cap for the oil filler tube or hole is missing. And this is what exactly will happen with a missing oil cap. The oil will go everywhere if the cap is not there on the oil filler tube. 

Therefore, oil splitting out of the oil cap is another issue because of a cracked oil cap. If you want to stop the engine blow-by, inspect the oil filler cap first. If it’s not there or it gets cracked, replace the car oil filler cap with a new one. 

3. A Leaking Valve Cover Gasket

You can find the valve cover easily if you look at the top of the engine. And this valve cover has a gasket, which makes the valve oil-tight. If it gets dried out, cracked, or any pieces of it are missing, the oil will bleed out from the valve cover. Thus, how the engine blow-by occurs. 

Just replace the gasket of the valve cover to stop the oil from coming out through the valve cover. And the best part is- it doesn’t require a lot of money to fix. 

4. Bad O-Ring or Flat Rubber Seal On Cap

The O-ring or flat rubber seal on the cap will get worn out or crack easily because of the hot motor oil. And you know what happens next if the O-ring gets cracked: oil will bleed or come out from the O-ring and flood under the hood or engine bay. 

The best solution to this issue is to replace the O-ring with nitrile-formulated rubber. Though it’s a bit typical to find this type of O-ring, you can easily rescue yourself from the loop of replacing the O-ring every year. 

And lastly, you should buy a new oil cap if the oil cap gets cracked or worn out. 

5. Unscrew Oil Cooler Bolt Or Loose Housing

Oil leaks like crazy because of the oil boost. The boost is a common problem that makes the oil cooler bolt unscrew from the housing. You can easily understand if an oil boost occurs. You can find oil around the oil filter, which is a sign of a boost. 

To fix this engine oil blown issue, inspect the housing and tighten it if it gets loose. Also, don’t forget to screw the oil cooler bolt if it gets unscrewed. 

6. Failed PCV System

A serious internal engine failure or a failed PCV system is also responsible for engine blow-by or oil leak. Usually, the Positive Crankcase Venting or PCV controls the blow-by.

If the piston fails, the pressure will create on top of the piston. Consequently, oil blows out of the hole in the top of the motor. We recommend you hire a certified car mechanic to fix this issue for you. 

7. A Burned Up Car

The engine will also blow oil everywhere if the car gets burned up. If it’s the issue, you must go to the car mechanic as it requires your engine to rebuild. And of course, it will leave a dent in your wallet. 


What would cause oil to spray all over the engine?

A damaged valve cover gasket, broken oil cap, loose oil cap, and overfill of the car with oil are reasons that cause oil to spray all over the engine. 

Can spilled engine oil catch fire?

Yes, spilled engine oil catches fire. So, address this issue immediately for safety. 

How long does it take for oil to burn off an engine?

It takes only 10-15 minutes for the oil to burn off an engine.

How bad is it to spill oil on your engine?

It is dangerous to spill oil on your engine. You may lose power steering and other functionalities. Most importantly, it may cause fire hazards. 

How far can I drive my car with too much oil in it?

You can drive a few more miles. But we suggest not driving your car with too much oil as it can destroy the engine by producing a lot of smoke. 


An oil leak or engine blow-by is a common issue. Inspect all the oil lines and the oil pump. If much oil is coming out, you should find the source of the oil leak by running the engine. Fortunately, we broke down every possible reason behind the engine blow-by. So, follow our guidelines and fix those issues.

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