Does It Hurt To Use 32:1 Mix In Place Of 40:1 [Explained]

Finding a 40:1 premade oil mix is much easier than a 32:1 premix fuel. That’s why many people don’t want to go through the extra hassle of managing a 32:1 oil mix. Yet, they wonder does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1?

does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1

You need a proper understanding of how oil mix ratios work on 2-stroke engines to find the answer to this question. Keep reading this article to find out oil mix ratios and does it hurt to use 32:1 mixes in place of 40:1 oil and vice versa.

What Does Oil Mix Ratio Mean

Two-stroke engines don’t work like the engine in your cars. The engines in the cars get lubrication from the engine oil only. But for 2-cycle engines, the gas has to be mixed with the oil for them to get lubricated.

If you’re new at owning a 2 cycle engine, oil mix ratios can be extremely confusing to you. But don’t worry, you’ll find out everything you need to know about oil mix ratios in this section.

The first number in this ratio represents the part of gas. The second number represents the part of the oil. So, if we have a 32:1 mix, that means 32 parts gas is mixed with 1 part fuel.

Take a look at the table below to get a clear understanding of the different oil mix ratios. You can also use this table as a 40 to 1 gas oil mix calculator.

Ounces Of Oil Per Gallon Of Gas
Mix Ratio To 11 Gallon2 Gallons2.5 Gallons5 Gallons
324.0 oz8.0 oz10.0 oz20.0 oz
403.2 oz6.4 oz8.0 oz16.0 oz
502.6 oz5.1 oz6.4 oz12.8 oz

If you’re mixing 1 gallon of gas with 4 ounces of oil, you’ll get an oil mix ratio of 32:1. But to get an oil mix of 40:1 or 50:1, you’ll have to add 3.2 ounces or 2.6 ounces of oil to the same amount of gas.

Here is the same ratio chart but for different units. You can use it as a 50 to 1 fuel mix calculator as well:

Ounces Of Oil Per Liter Of Gas
Mix Ratio To 15 Liters10 Liters20 Liters
32156 ml313 ml625 ml
40125 ml250 ml500 ml
50100 ml200 ml400 ml

Now, you understand the concept of oil ratios and how it works. If all the 2-cycle engines recommended the same ratio of oil, then our lives would be easier and we wouldn’t have to worry too much about them. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

If you have different pieces of equipment for landscaping, it can be a huge hassle for you to maintain the optimum oil mix for all the different pieces of two-stroke machinery.

You’ll commonly see that the newer machinery asks for a 50:1 oil mix while the older ones recommend a 40:1 oil mix and in some cases, it can also be 32:1. Maintaining it is hard and that’s why you want to know does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1 k. Let’s find out the answer.

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Does It Hurt To Use 32:1 Mix In Place Of 40:1 [Explained]

When you’re trying to buy premix oils, you’ll find that many of the popular oil brands start their premixes at a 40:1. You’ll not find a 32:1 premix for many popular brands. But the recommended oil mix ratio for your 2-stroke engine is 32:1. What should you do in that situation?

In most cases, you’ll be fine using 32:1 and 40:1 oil mixes interchangeably. They’re not too far from each other though the latter has a richer mixture with more gasoline.

It’ll also depend on the specific 2-cycle engine you’re using. Using more fuel than necessary can damage the fuel injector and fuel line if unchecked. But for that to happen, the quality of the mixture has to be very bad.

But keep in mind that if you use a 32:1 mixture in an engine that recommends a 40:1 mixture, you’ll most likely cause the warranty to become void. Other than that, there are usually no serious issues when you use a 32:1 oil mix in an engine that demands a 40:1 oil mix.

However, it’s not common to do so. What most people do is reverse it and use a 40:1 oil mix when their engine recommends a 32:1 mix. That’s because of the availability issue we addressed earlier. 40:1 oil mixes are easier to find and safe to use in the 32:1 older engines in most cases.

Also, remember a general rule of thumb when it comes to oil mixing ratios. More oil is never likely to hurt your engine but more fuel is. So, using a 40:1 mix in a 32:1 engine is much safer than using a 32:1 mix in a 40:1 engine.

But because both of these oil mixes are very close together, you should be able to use them in place of the other without any issue. But when you try to cover up a huge difference like using a 32:1 mix in an engine that requires a 50:1 mix, that can cause trouble.


Is 40:1 richer than 32:1?

A 40:1 oil mix contains more gasoline than a 32:1 mixture. So, that means that it is richer than a 32:1 mix.

Does 50:1 have more oil than 40:1?

If both the oil mixes are of the same amount, the 50:1 mix will have more gasoline and less oil than the 40:1 oil mix.

Can I use 501 in a 401 weedeater?

It’s not safe to use a 50:1 mix in a 40:1 weedeater as it can cause the engine to run rich because of the larger amount of gasoline.

How do you mix 5 gallons of gas in a 32:1 ratio?

You’ll need to add 20 ounces of oil to 5 gallons of gas to get a 32:1 oil mix.


If you’re wondering does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1, you should have the answer by now. It is safe in most cases to interchange the two oil mixes as the people who did that didn’t report any serious issues.

However, if you decided to make that change for yourself, proceed with caution and start with a gallon of 32:1 mix. The reverse of it is also safe and you can use 40:1 instead of 32:1. Leave a comment below if you have any more questions about oil mixes.

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