Can I Change My Own Oil On A Lease [Explained]

Can I change my own oil on a lease? It is a common question we found on different forums. People who lease a car for the first time ask this question often. 

The short answer is- Yes, you can change the oil on a lease. However, you must read the lease agreement to see what maintenance workflows you can perform. We will break down everything about an oil change or other maintenance on a leased car. So, keep scrolling. 

Can I Change My Own Oil On A Lease?

Yes, you can change your own oil on a lease. You should just reasonably document your work and save your receipts. And don’t forget to write the date and mileage you changed on it. Ensure you make the oil change with the correct oil type. For the oil change or other maintenance, you can bring the car to a local shop or the dealer’s service department.

Now, the question is- will it cost you at the end of the lease if you have performed maintenance somewhere other than dealers? Well, it depends on the state law. It means it may vary from one state to another. However, you can perform the routine maintenance workflow through your local shop or a dealer in the USA. 

When the lease is up, you may need to count extra bucks if the Lease Company finds excessive wear & tear, damage, and poor maintenance record after inspection. So, we recommend you save the receipts whenever you perform any maintenance. 

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Does the Dealer Do the Maintenance When You Lease a Car?

It depends on the maintenance type like the scheduled maintenance and warranty-type repair work. If the maintenance goes under warranty, the dealer will do that for you without costing you any additional bucks.

On the other hand, you should spend money on scheduled maintenance. Every dealership offers a prepaid maintenance package. You can purchase the package to save some money rather than overpaying for each one individually.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Maintenance Done on a Leased Car?

Your lease will include penalties if you fail to maintain the leased car properly. It is better to check the lease agreement regarding this. Regular maintenance or taking care of the leased vehicle is your responsibility.

If you fail to fulfill your duty, you can expect a penalty from the lease company once the lease is up. The reason behind it is- an improper service of the vehicle will decrease the value when it goes back to the dealer or gets sold at auction. 


Can I change the oil myself on a lease?

Yes, you can change the oil yourself on a lease. When you do this task, ensure you save the receipts. However, you can skip the oil change workflow if you lease a brand new car. 

Can I get my oil changed anywhere with a lease?

An oil change is a simple task and you can get your oil changed anywhere with a lease. In other words, you don’t need to go to your dealer or the lease company for an oil change. 

Is it illegal to change your own oil?

Changing your own oil or other fluids is legal. But this legal workflow will be illegal if you do this task on the road. So, do the oil change workflow in a garage. 

Do I have to pay for oil changes on a lease?

Yes, you have to pay for oil changes or other maintenance on a leased car. 

Can you service a leased car yourself?

Yes, you can service a leased car yourself. Ensure you sort out your own agreements regarding this. Otherwise, you should contact your lease company to service the leased car from a specific garage. 


We hope you get the answer to this question: Can I change my own oil on a lease? You can definitely change the oil or do other maintenance workflows on a lease car. We recommend you get the receipts whenever you do maintenance work.

It will save you money when the lease will finish as you can see the record of the maintenance you have done. If you want to know more about a leased car, leave a comment below regarding this. 

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