Why Buick Encore Fan Won’t Turn Off [Reasons + Solutions]

Buick Encore fan won’t turn off due to a faulty cooling fan relay and a defective coolant temp sensor. In most cases, a bad coolant temperature sensor is the main culprit that prevents the radiator fan from turning off.  

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 If you want to bring the cooling fan back to normal operating condition, you must inspect both the temp sensor and the fan relay. And this guide will let you learn how to test both those components like a pro. So, stay in tune with us till the end. 

Why My Buick Encore Fan Won’t Turn Off [Reasons + Solutions]

Let’s figure out the culprits that cause the coolant fan to stay on all the time. 

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1. A Faulty Cooling Fan Relay

One of the leading issues that can prevent your car cooling fan from turning off is a defective cooling fan relay. If this relay gets shorted internally, it will be stuck in the on position. 

a faulty cooling fan relay 

In other words, the relay will continually deliver the electric power the Buick Encore fan requires to operate even if you set the fan to the off position. The fan will stay on even though your Buick Encore is off depending on its wiring setup. 


Before making any replacement, we suggest you swap the fan relay with one that has exact numbers printed on it. To do this, locate the relay box first. You can find the relays in a black box under the hood. Just remove the lid from the plastic case to access the relays. 

Underside the lid, and you can find a diagram, which will help you find the fan relay. Just pull out the fan relay gently and swap it with the relay that has the same numbers printed on it.

If the cooling fan comes off when you set it to the off position, we bet the fan relay is at fault. So, replacing the relay will be a must. 

On the other hand, if the fan issue still persists, the relay is fine. In other words, there is another issue that causes the cooling fan to not turn off. As it’s an important electrical element of the cooling system, you should diagnose this issue by a professional. 

2. Defective Temp Sensor

Next, what we recommend you check is the temperature sensor. Generally, the coolant temperature sensor provides signals to the engine control computer.

defective temp sensor 

And the engine control computer turns the cooling fan off & on based on the information it receives from the temp sensor. If the temp sensor delivers intermittent information, the cooling fan will never turn off or on. 


It’s always recommended to call a certified mechanic to replace the coolant temperature sensor. In this case, you need to spend around $50 to $250 to replace the coolant temp professionally. On the other hand, you can check out this video to learn how to perform the replacement workflow: 

3. Bad ECU

If the radiator fan keeps running when the car is off, understand the engine control unit is at fault. It will malfunction if the moisture makes its way into the ECU. 


We highly suggest you take help from a qualified mechanic to diagnose the engine control unit. 

Apart from those reasons, the radiator fan of the Buick Encore may stay on all the time due to a dirty radiator, a short circuit to the wirings, and damaged wiring to the temp sensor. So, inspect these components and fix them if needed. 


How do I know if my cooling fan relay is bad?

Engine runs hot, non-functioning cooling fan, and cooling fan keeps running are some signs that indicate the cooling fan relay is at fault. You must replace the bad fan relay to avoid further vehicular issues. 

How much does a fan relay cost?

It depends on the car model and brand. Generally, you need to count $25 to $60 bucks to get a fan relay.

What sensor controls the radiator fan?

The engine control unit controls the radiator fan upon the information it gets from the coolant temperature sensor. 


Inspect the coolant temperature sensor first if the coolant fan of your Buick Encore keeps running all the time. If it’s at fault, replace it with a new sensor.

Otherwise, check the fan relay if the temp sensor is fine. We hope inspecting and fixing these two issues will solve the radiator fan issue. 

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