Brakes Groan When Released [3 Reasons To Know ]

Brakes groan when released! It’s a common issue every car owner encounters- sooner or later. You may even experience this sound though your car is new. 

Well, there is nothing to worry about if your car groans when you release the brake. It’s normal, and we will break it down later. However, if the sound of groaning starts becoming louder, you shouldn’t ignore it by calling this problem- Normal. 

Generally, your car makes a groaning noise when you release the brake for several reasons. Typically, putting aftermarket pads or worn-out brake pads are responsible for this problem. 

Below, we will thoroughly discuss what causes brakes to groan and how you can solve it. So, keep reading till the end.

Is It Normal For Brakes To Groan?

Yes, it’s normal for brakes to groan as it’s the common problem of all brake manufacturers and auto manufacturers. 

The groaning sound is produced because the braking systems are trying to hold the car when the transmission is pushing forward.

It’s normal. When you release the brake pedal fully, the sound will disappear. 

However, there are millions of reasons behind the brake creeping noise. It will be somewhat discomforting & annoying if you fail to determine where the noise is coming from.

Though it’s normal, we break down three common reasons that cause the brake to produce a groaning noise. So, keep reading. 

Note: You can also read how to fix Groaning noise when reversing.

Brakes Groan When Released [3 Reasons To Know]

Don’t have any idea what causes brakes to groan? Then, check out this chapter thoroughly to explore the reasons behind the grinding noise when you release the brake. 

1. You May Put Aftermarket Pads

Every time you release the brakes, it makes a groaning noise. It’s called ‘creep groan’. There are thousands of reasons behind the brake grinding noise. 

But the most common are replacing the OEM pads with aftermarket pads or rotors. We noticed that many aftermarket pads make this groaning noise. 

So, we recommend you switch back to OEM pads, which may solve the groaning brake issue. However, it’s nothing to be worried about. 

If the pads you have on your braking system are not chamfered yet, it will make a groaning noise when you release the brake. 

2. Brake Pads Are Not Chamfered Yet

Remove the pads and bevel or chamfer the leading & trailing edge of the friction material. We hope it will reduce the grinding noise when you release the brake slowly. 

Some braking pads in the market are semi-metallic. If your mechanic puts these pads, it will create friction with the metal parts like rotor or caliper ears and produce noise. 

In this case, the only way you can fix the groaning noise is to replace those pads with NAO ceramic-type pads. 

3. Brake Pads Get Worn Out

Brake pads are like soap. The more you use them, the more they start decaying slowly. When the pads wear out, there are only metal parts between the pads and the rotors. Consequently, it makes a grinding noise when you release the brake. Just replace the worn-out pads with new ones to reduce or stop the groaning noise. 


Why does my car thump when I brake?

Your car will make a thumping noise, or it seems the car is wobbling when you brake due to the worn-out rotors. You can easily overcome this issue by replacing the brake rotors. 

What is the most common cause of brake judder?

Vibration is the most common reason that is responsible for brake judder. Generally, improperly fitted disc, brake disc gets overheated, and vibration in disk thickness are the culprits behind brake judder. 

How do you stop brake judder?

Start with checking the brake pads and discs and make sure there is no dirt buildup. You can use sandpaper to remove the deposit buildup. If it doesn’t bring any luck to fix the brake judder, just replace the pads & discs.

Can a bad wheel bearing cause brake judder?

Yes, a bad wheel bearing can also cause brake judder. If the wheel bearings get worn out or improperly fitted, you will experience the issue of brake judder. 

Why does my car sound like something is rubbing?

Your car will sound like something is rubbing if the brake linings get worn out or wheel or hub bearings get failed. 

Can brakes cause a knocking sound?

Yes, brakes can cause a knocking sound if the calipers or the bolts get loose. We recommend you tighten up both calipers and bolts to stop the knocking sound.


There is nothing to worry about if the brakes groan when you release. It’s normal and it doesn’t affect your driving performance. 

However, we recommend you not ignore this issue when the brakes groan. Check out the brake pads to see if they get worn out or not. If yes, replace it with new brake pads. Never put aftermarket pads. Instead of them, use OEM brake pads to reduce the brake groaning. 

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