2009 Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Change [5 Easy Steps]

If you are looking for an easy method of 2009 Ford Escape transmission fluid change, then your search ends here. In this article, we have what you want.

Here you will get to know how to change the transmission fluid of the 2009 Ford Escape. And not only this, with our simple method, you can change the transmission fluid of the 2005-2016 Ford Escape model effortlessly.

Yes, with a single set of methods, you can work on any of these Ford Escape models. But before getting into the main process take a look at the damages old transmission fluid can do to your Ford Escape. 

3 Things To Happen If You Don’t Do 2009 Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Change

You should never ignore the issues that can arise from the old transmission fluid. 


Because it results in the following problems:

1. Difficulty In Shifting:

Old transmission fluid attracts debris and slowly gets contaminated. Such transmission fluid can cause gears to change too slow, too abruptly, too fast, or too erratically. It can even lead to grinding noises and higher RPMs than usual.

2. Slipping Gear:

Old and contaminated transmission fluids don’t work properly. Gears slip when the friction material on the clutches and the transmission bands fail to securely hold the gear in its place. This can cause accidents as well.

3. Overheating:

Old transmission fluid cannot provide enough lubrication. As a result, more frictions are generated. Such friction can lead to overheating. You may even smell smoke if the transmission overheats to a dangerous level.

Many more things can happen due to old transmission fuel. The 3 issues discussed here are the most severe of them. The best way to deal with this is to change the transmission fluid regularly.

How To Perform 2009 Ford Escape Transmission Fluid Change In 5 Steps

Changing the fluid at regular intervals will keep the engine in good condition. So, it is important to change the 2009 Ford Escape transmission fluid after it has run about 30,000 to 60,000 miles. And you have already seen why it is so important to do so.

This is why we suggest you take a look at our easy method of 2009 Ford Escape transmission fluid change and complete the process in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Positioning You Ford Escape:

The first thing you need to do is lift your car. You have to at least lift it to the height that will allow you to fit under it. If you don’t know how to lift your car, we will help you. Gather these 3 tools first:

  • Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks
  • Right car jack

Once you have gathered these tools, you can start the process. Here’s how to position your Ford Escape:

(A) Positioning The Car Jack:

To position the car jack you have to:

  • Place the car jack underneath the frame
  • Slowly raise the jack till it becomes a bit difficult to raise
  • Check and make sure everything is stably placed

(B) Raising The Car:

Now you will have to raise the car this way:

  • Raise the jack using the handle
  • Lift the jack slowly 
  • Stop when your Ford Escape reaches the desired height

(C) Securing The Car:

Now make sure that the car is in a secure place:

  • Place jack stands under the frame and subframe
  • Adjust these jack-stands to the desired level
  • Check if all the jacks are properly positioned

Once you have perfectly lifted your Ford Escape you can crawl down under it and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Remove The Underbody Sheild

Once you crawl down under the car you will find the underbody shield of your car. A few 10 mm bolts are holding the shield in its place. You have to remove these bolts to take the underbody shield off.

Step 3: Open The Drain Plug

Removing the underbody shield will expose the drain plug to you. You don’t have to worry about finding it because there will be only one plug visible once you remove the underbody shield.

Place a bucket right under the drain plug and take a wrench to take the drain plug off. A bit of unscrewing will do the work. The moment you take the drain plug off, the transmission fluid will start draining into your bucket.

Step 4: Putting Things Back To Their Place

Wait for all the transmission fluid to drain out of the drain plug. Once all the fluid is out do the following things:

  • Wipe off excess oil from the drain plugs mouth
  • Put the drain plug back on
  • Screw back the underbody shield

Step 5: Adding New Transmission Fluid

By now you have successfully removed all the transmission fluid from your Ford Escape. What is left to do now is fill the transmission with new fluid. You have to fill the transmission in the following way:

  • Open the hood of your car and locate the transmission
  • Remove the dipstick from the transmission
  • Put a long-filler funnel in the transmission
  • Now pour in the transmission fluid through the funnel (you can use Febi® Dexron or Motorcraft® Marcon transmission fluid)
  • After pouring one quart of transmission fluid start your car engine
  • Then pour 3 more quarts of transmission fluid while the engine is still running
  • Remove the funnel and put the dipstick back in
  • Put the car hood back on
  • Drive your car for at least 20 minutes
  • Lastly, check for leaks or excessive heat

And now you are done. If you have completed each of these steps accordingly, you now have changed the transmission fluid of your 2009 Ford Escape.

How Do You Check the Transmission Fluid on a 2009 Ford Escape?

Here’s how to check the transmission fluid on a 2009 Ford Escape:

  • Drive your 2009 Ford Escape for 20 minutes to warm up the oil
  • Park the vehicle avoiding direct sunlight and activate the parking brake
  • Keep the vehicle turned on
  • Pull the hood release lever to open up the hood
  • Prop the hood once it opens 
  • Pull out the transmission dipstick and wipe off all the fluid. Use a shop towel to do so
  • Put the dipstick back in and then pull it out again. You will now see the transmission fluid level on the dipstick

This tells you how much transmission fluid is left.


How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2009 Ford Escape take?

2009 Ford Escape takes 9 quarts of transmission fluid. However, manual transmission takes about 2.4 quarts of transmission fluid.

Does a 2009 Ford Escape have a transmission filter?

Yes, the 2009 Ford Escape does have a transmission filter.

Does the Ford Escape have transmission problems?

Unfortunately yes, Ford Escapes do have transmission problems. Such problems can kick in after every 80,000 miles of running.

How many miles does a Ford Escape usually last?

A Ford Escape usually lasts 130,000 miles. However, with proper maintenance, your Ford Escape can last up to 250,000 miles. 


Your Ford Escape is your precious property. The slightest damage can cost you hundreds of dollars. The transmission fluid change alone can cost $250.

However, if you follow our easy 2009 Ford Escape transmission fluid change method you can complete this task in less than $100. So save your hard-earned money by following our easy method and keep your car in a sound condition.

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