Top 5 100% Synthetic Oil Brands [You Can Trust]

Synthetic oil has a ton of benefits. This type of motor oil will maximize fuel efficiency and ultimate engine performance by shielding your engine from wear & tear.  But not every brand delivers 100% Synthetic oil. Instead of offering 100% synthetic oil, they provide full synthetic oil. And there is a difference between these oil types. 

Fortunately, we broke down the subtle difference between the 100% synthetic and full synthetic oil. And lastly, we recommended the top 5 100% synthetic oil brands. So, keep scrolling till the end.

Is The Oil Really 100% Synthetic Oil As Labeled or Marketed?

Honestly, no oils in the market, whether from Mobil or Castrol, use a 100% synthetic base. It means the oil marketed as 100% synthetic is actually not 100% synthetic. They use a 10-20% mineral oil base. However, some oil companies use 90% synthetic additives. 

Generally, 100% synthetic is a fancy marketing term. If the label of the oil bottle says such, the oil should be 100% fully synthetic by regulation. If you see the words ‘100% Synthetic’ on a bottle, we bet every single oil drop in your bottle is a synthetically produced compound, mixed with fully synthetic additives. 

Is There A Difference Between 100% Synthetic Oil Vs Fully Synthetic Oil?

Yes, there is a difference between 100% synthetic oil and full synthetic oil. The 100% synthetic (API Type IV) oil is specially formulated with a synthetic base and synthetic additives. In other words, a 100% synthetic is a combination of synthetic base PAO/ Ester along with synthetic additives. 

On the other hand, full synthetic oil is a highly refined petroleum base with synthetic additives. In other words, fully synthetic oil is a combination of 50% petroleum base and 50% synthetic additives. 

Top 5 100% Synthetic Oil Brands You Can Trust

Though no oils in the market are 100% synthetic, you can go for the following top 5 synthetic oil brands for your car. 

01. Castrol

Castrol is the leading oil brand among the synthetic engine oil brands that makes a huge name and fame by providing 100% synthetic and fully synthetic oil for vehicles. It reduces friction and prolongs the life of your car engine by lubricating the internal components. 

For example, its Castrol Edge Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil improves the oil film strength by 30%, reducing metal-to-metal contact. Indeed, you can go a long way (20000 miles) between oil changes without worries. 

Therefore, this high-performance engine oil won’t get thickened under extreme temperature conditions. In other words, there is less risk of forming deposits & sludge in the engine compartment.

However, the following 2 synthetic oils from Castrol are highly popular and recommended because they can dramatically reduce friction and extend your car engine life. 

02. Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is also a top-rated & reliable oil brand that offers high-quality synthetic oil. It offers pure synthetic oil to prevent sludge & deposits from forming in the engine compartments. 

The precise balance of performance additives delivers outstanding engine protection at oil change intervals. Its superior thermal & oxidation stability works as a barrier to oil breakdown. It means this oil keeps the internal metal components of your engine well-lubricated and protects the engine. 

Turns out, this engine oil also works well in cold weather. Indeed, this is one of the high-performance synthetic oils for Subaru. And definitely, you can consider the following most popular and TOP-Selling synthetic oil from Mobil 1 for your car engine’s safety and protection. 

03. Royal Purple

Royal Purple is one of the best synthetic oil brands in the world. This oil brand is well-known for its proprietary Synerlec additive technology. Due to this technology, oil from Royal Purple can prevent white sludge & lubrication. 

Therefore, the patented anti-wear additive chemistry reduces the harmful effects. Plus, the enhanced additive technology prevents metal contact to maximize engine life. So, if you are a Royal Purple user, we recommend you get the following synthetic oils from Royal Purple for your vehicle to increase fuel efficiency & engine performance.

04. Pennzoil

Pennzoil is the first motor oil brand that uses natural gas to produce pure synthetic oil. It utilizes patented gas-to-liquid PurePlus technology that converts natural gas to the base oil. 

Unlike conventional oils, Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil can handle severe driving conditions. It outperforms traditional oil in terms of low-temperature performance and volatility control. 

Therefore, Pennzoil synthetic oil provides unsurpassed wear protection against friction. The oil from Pennzoil also delivers superior engine protection against sludge & deposits buildup. Indeed, Pennzoil is one of the best full synthetic oil brands for maximizing engine performance & fuel economy. And when you are planning to use oil from Pennzoil, then you can pick one from the followings:

05. Shell Rotella

At the bottom of the list, we bring another reliable oil brand named Shell Rotella. It features Triple Protection Plus Technology. Shell Rotella is specially formulated with fully synthetic base oil. Indeed, the synthetic oil from this brand enhances engine performance by boosting fuel efficiency.

Turns out, Shell Rotella uses advanced additives in combination with synthetic base oil. In other words, this oil delivers superior protection against soot, dirt, and other contaminants. 

The advanced low-ash formulation helps control contaminants like dirt & ash, which maximizes engine fuel efficiency. If you make up your mind to get synthetic oil from Shell Rotella, go for: 


100% synthetic and full synthetic oil is not the same. A full synthetic oil is less pricey than 100% synthetic oil. But the 100% synthetic boosts up fuel efficiency and engine performance

Keep in mind; no brands offer 100% synthetic oil. You can check out this article to explore the truth behind our saying- no oils are 100% synthetic. So, it’s better to test the oil and observe which synthetic oil performs the best. Fortunately, the five oil brands we recommend offer the best synthetic oil in the market. 

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